It’s Time To Come Back To Life

Summer in Motion

It feels like we’ve been standing still for a long time. As Summer comes, it’s time for movement. With movement, comes motion and with motion comes emotion.


Emotion is a short film that chronicles the journey we have taken to prepare our stores for re-opening. The film follows a beautiful dancer who represents the creativity and emotion that went into the planning and execution of our re-opening as we hear directly from our team members about what this moment means to them.

Friends of Brown Thomas

Meet the creative collaborators who have worked alongside us to bring our store back to life.

Ana Carey

Lockdown isolation made me really focus on my figurative bronze sculptures and photography. My attitude to creativity has evolved in the last year around access and response, as I was unable to exhibit as I normally do it made me reflect on how I could reach out and connect with an audience in a different way, I am very excited to see how the public responds to my work in Brown Thomas as it reopens.

Andrea Williams

As a dancer I’m always moving and listening to music which helps me to release my emotions. This time has been hard on everyone but humans are resilient and I feel there will be a new Renaissance where artists will risk more, will use their voice for social causes and will do the unexpected. We’ve had so much time to be with our own thoughts, to reconnect with ourselves and now it’s time for us to express it and connect with each other in a meaningful way.

Mark Grehan

I was lucky enough to be living beside the Phoenix Park during lockdown so I spent a lot of time watching nature come alive after winter. Having the time to rethink how we create and use items in a more sustainable way has guided me creatively this year. Working on an overflowing garden on the facade of the Brown Thomas building on Grafton street has been a very exciting and inspiring project to start the summer.

Claire Prouvost

The biggest change for me over the last year was to adjust to a full-time freelance schedule and transform my passion and side-hustle into a career. This last year has also taught me a lot about my own rhythm and trying to work out a system in which my creativity can thrive. I also have found I value creative connection in real life and art in the public space even more now, and how it is so incredibly important to me to thrive as a human being.

Here’s What We Have In-Store For You This Summer

From the brightest new arrivals and exclusive product launches to the unique brand destinations, luxurious services and extraordinary entertainment, your ultimate shopping experience awaits.

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Let Us Entertain You Let Us Entertain You Feel the power of music and dance with live performances throughout the store for you to enjoy. Brown Thomas is blooming with life once more. We Hope To See You Soon

Behind the scenes, we have been preparing for your return with an abundance of care, attention and passion.