Eucalyptus Oil

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What does it do?

Eucalyptus oil is a great antiseptic, disinfectant and antifungal treatment. That means it gets rid of breakout-causing bacteria so you can enjoy a clearer, less congested complexion. For those reasons, you'll often find this plant oil in anti-blemish products. It can also help wound healing so it's worth trying for faster improvement.

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Where does it come from?

Eucalyptus oil is distilled from the leaves of native Australian eucalyptus trees. It's used as a pure oil but that's usually for issues like clearing chest congestion. For cosmetic use, it's often added to cleansers, shower gels, beauty oils, and bath salts for revitalisation and fragrance.

Who should use it?

In skincare, those looking for an extra tool in their belt against acne. Anyone can use for wellness and relaxation as a fragrance oil or in bath salts to unwind.

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