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What does it do?

Panthenol is popular for its top-tier hydrating potential. Not only does it visibly reduce dryness, panthenol goes deep into the lower layers of your skin for lasting hydration. It locks in moisture and prevents further water loss to quench your skin's thirst. This boosts skin barrier function which can help to heal minor wounds and sunburn.

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Where does it come from?

Panthenol is a provitamin for vitamin B5. It's a complicated process but essentially provitamins convert vitamins for use in the body. B5 is both a humectant and an emollient for your skin. Not only does it draw water from the air, it also seals up any tiny cracks to keep that moisture locked in.

Who should use it?

Panthenol is found in many skin, hair, and makeup products so you might already be using it. It's well tolerated by all skin types but can be extremely beneficial for those with dry or flaky skin.

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