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What does it do?

Silica is a mineral which helps to improve the elasticity, hydration and texture of skin, reduce visible signs of ageing and prevent acne. It does so by enhancing collagen production, absorbing excess oil and helping to create bonds between the protein molecules responsible for skin hydration and water retention, critical for cell renewal.

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Where does it come from?

Silica is a form of silicon, a mineral often found in nature. Silica or silicone dioxide can be found in quartz, glass or beach sand, and is also found naturally in some foods. In skincare, it is responsible for enhancing collagen production and absorbing excess oil.

Who should use it?

Silica is particularly useful for anyone with oily or breakout-prone skin. In makeup, it can mattify, while in skincare, it can prevent signs of ageing and prevent against acne.

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