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CREATE is celebrating it's 10th anniversary. Spearheaded by our Fashion Director Shelly Corkery the 2020 presentation will showcase 31 incredible designers and the very best and the brightest in Irish design. For our anniversary year we are delighted to continue to nurture new talent and Ireland’s dynamic design community now more than ever.

Come see this year's selection in our Dublin store from Tuesday, 22nd September until Saturday, 18th October 2020.

Richard Quinn

London-Irish designer Richard Quinn is known for his bold silhouettes and exuberant prints and for his line-up of celebrity clients from Amal Clooney, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Naomi Watts.

On his striking new prints:

"I am not a fantasy designer. I want each piece to survive the test of time."

On his Irish parents:

"My mother is from Rathmullan, in County Donegal, and my father is from County Meath. In their early twenties they both moved to London. My parents built a holiday house on the beach in Donegal, which is still a hub where my brothers and sisters and I all congregate in summer."

Twisted rose top €425 & rose pleated midi-skirt €695, both by Richard Quinn.


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Helena Malone

Helena Malone is a Future Makers award winning goldsmith, with a reputation for contemporary design and handmade precious jewellry.

On the process of design...

“Designs can be wandering around in my head for a long time, even years, waiting for their time to shine. Then often by the time the piece is developed and handmade it can take off nearly like a frantic stream of consciousness into a full collection. It has to mean something to me and association makes my work stronger, of course in general it is the incredibleness of nature that is usually the magic culprit of inspiration... with a little of my personality.”

On hand-making jewellery with a conscience...

“I cannot abide waste and disregard for society, people and the environment. I am lucky to have a strong following of like-minded customers who appreciate that I will reuse and recycle their old jewellery into unique commissions or into my collection pieces, and repair antique pieces as much as is possible.”

Handmade silver hoop earrings with 18ct gold grain, €159; Handmade silver 18ct gold earrings with peacock pearl, €262; Silver swing earring with 18ct gold grained green chrysoprase, €299; Silver stud earring with 18ct gold grain detail and swing chrysoprase droplet, €399; Silver ring with 18ct gold grain, €149; Silver ring with 18ct gold granulation and pink Madagascan sapphire, €638; Silver ring with 18ct gold granulation and green chrysoprase cabachon, €299, Silver ring with 18ct gold granulation and peacock pearl, €188; Silver thumb ring, €148, all by Helena Malone.

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Katie Ann McGuigan

Katie's eclectic collections have garnered some colourful fans from Paloma Faith to Pheobe Waller-Bridge. She returns to CREATE with an exquisite collection which draws inspiration from Tom Wood’s photography of early 1980’s Liverpool.

On her passion for subcultures…

"Designing is a constant journey of discovery for me. I take inspiration from both the aesthetic and the values of international subcultures - particularly the environmental and cultural factors that draw these communities together."

On keeping things local…

"All of the design work is done in our studio. We work with London-based sewing technicians, pattern cutters, shoemakers and small production run factories. The aim is to keep the majority of fabric sourced from the UK, focusing on ethical sourcing of yarns and other materials."

‘Scarleet’ shirt €420, ‘Talia’ pink tulle dress €265, ‘Hellen’ green tie-dye cropped hoodie, €270, ‘Kaira’ hand-knitted trousers, €1,175, ‘Keisey’ hand-knitted crop top, €450, all by Katie Ann McGuigan.

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Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy’s modern feminine sensibility returns this year with a stunning collection of ready-to-wear pieces. With hand sewn pieces her bespoke collection offer one-of-kind fashion you won’t find anywhere else.

On her inspiration...

"I like to tell a story with each collection, I know how I want someone to feel when they’re wearing my pieces before I know what I want them to look like."

Left: Hand-beaded silk dress, €980
Right: hand-beaded silk & tulle dress, €910 both by Sarah Murphy.

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Leonora Ferguson

Milliner Leonora Ferguson takes her inspiration from everywhere. This year she has 3 collections for CREATE. Look out for "Ghost Net" which are natural sinamay veiling headpieces which reflect on the issue of discarded fishing nets littering our seas. "Constellations" are hand worked wire lace headpieces inspired by Assuit net textiles, embroidered with small strips of metal in geometric designs. Lastly, there's "Aura," which are inspired by the remarkable 12th century German abbess, Hildegard von Bingen who had divine visions that some now believe may have been migraine auras. These halo-like shimmering beaded headpieces imitate stages of the aura, looking at the characteristic fragmentation, blind spots and flickering light of this visual phenomena.

On The Art Of Millinery…

“I think of millinery as wearable sculpture, a hat can be an interesting form in itself but becomes something more when worn.”

The Background on Her Veiled Headpieces…

“I kept seeing images of ghost nets, the discarded fishing nets that cause untold damage to marine life, and for my collection used ethically sourced, natural sinamay to create swirling fragments like nets caught in the water. Hats are a natural talking point, so I hoped they might provoke conversations to bring attention to the issue.”

Left: ‘Ghost’ wine net headpiece in wired sinamay veiling & silk ribbon, €440
Right: ‘Ghost’ black net headpiece in wired sinamay veiling & silk ribbon, €350 both by Leonora Ferguson.

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RIXO London

Derry girl Orlagh McCloskey is one half of the design duo along with Henrietta Rix who make up the ever popular Rixo London.

On their aesthetic:

"It’s quite bohemian, but probably because we focus a lot on the quality and the prints. It’s very global and very versatile: people could wear it during the day with trainers and also then wear it to a wedding."

On their prints:

"Rixo is always inspired by vintage, the 1960s and 1970s are our favourite decade for colour and print."

‘Fifi’ floral long sleeved mini dress €340. Right: ‘Jana’ floral midi dress, both by RIXO London, €350


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Dána Project

Dána Project was founded by Cillian Hillard, a brand new Irish jewellery brand with a bold mission.

On The Meaning Behind Dána Project:

"Dána is the Irish word for bold, forward and audacious, reflecting the brand's bold mission, to change the traditional fine jewellery industry."

On His Thoughts On Fine Jewellery And Sustainability:

"Other industries get plenty of time in the limelight for driving a more sustainable approach. The carbon emissions generated from a mined silver ring is the equivalent to the total Carbon Emissions generated from the production of 520 paper coffee cups. Buying a Dána Project Recycled Ring like The Ciorcal made from recycled silver, instead, saves on Carbon Emissions equivalent to a 482 paper coffee cups."

Silver signet rings €120 & silver bangle €200, by Dána Project.

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Lucy Nagle

One of our best-loved alumni from CREATE 2013, Lucy Nagle has become an established designer at Brown Thomas stocking her collections across all stores. Lucy’s elegant knitwear is made from the finest cashmere and wool fabrics from Mongolia, this year she introduces cashmere maxi dresses to sit alongside signature sweaters, lounge sets and hoodies.

On Cashmere…

“Cashmere to me is beautiful, it is wonderfully gentle on the skin, drapes perfectly and holds its shape so well. It is also sustainable and encourages us to buy less but buy better.”

On 7 years of CREATE:

“This year I’ve included my most popular styles in new shades along with a new cashmere lounge set and a sumptuous sleeveless polo.”

The boxy crew-neck sweater, €225: Ribbed pocket lounge pants, €175. Both Lucy Nagle.

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My Name is Ted

From Mountmellick in the midlands of Ireland, My Name is Ted is a beautiful range of luxury leather accessories which are handcrafted to last a lifetime.

On the heritage behind the brand:

"The remarkable story of our brand begins with Ted Carbery my husband's grandfather who in the 1950s remarkably could only use his mouth and left hand to make leather bags and accessories. This determination inspired both of us to bring the family tradition and brand back to life."

On The Inspiration Behind The Door Design:

"The inspiration for the door design came whilst driving in Dublin’s Eccles Street one rainy evening, staring at the different doors. The thought hit us; that each door tells its own unique story and would be the most perfect feature to integrate into a collection of bags and accessories. Eccles Street is famous for being in James Joyce Ulysees so we thought it would appeal to many."

Door’ Crossbody Bag inspired by Dublin’s Eccles Street, €595 & HandySan Leather Case for Hand Sanitisers €69 by My Name Is Ted.

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Grey + Ginger

Sustainable, ethical, inclusive and unique. Peter and Paul, the two halves of Galway-based Grey + Ginger, are striving to create fashion that makes a statement. Making their CREATE debut the collection will feature wearable art t-shirts and sweatshirts that stand for individuality, social awareness, equality and inclusivity.

On Why They Are Creating Wearable Art Right Now…

“Peter says, my fine art practice has always had a social and political focus. Some people like their art in galleries, others find it more accessible to make a statement with their style.”

On Why Diversity Is So Important To Them As A Brand Right Now…

“As part of the queer community, it's easy for us to understand exclusion so from the start inclusivity and diversity have been cornerstones of our brand. We want everyone to enjoy wearing these clothes as much as we enjoyed creating the designs.”

Printed sweater, €90. Ginger + Grey.

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Leyo Yoga wear

Leyo is an Irish brand founded in Galway, Ireland by mother and daughter team Leah Tiernan and Orla Moore. Their mission is to create easy, refined, understated yoga wear that reflects a luxurious and high fashion aesthetic.

On what it’s like being a mother and daughter in business…

“We have always had a very similar aesthetic and our opinions tend to align. Having said that, we definitely have different strengths to bring to the brand so working together has been great from many perspectives.”

On how your brand is being eco-aware…

“We are slow fashion advocates and when we were developing Leyo we wanted our brand to be as responsible as possible. For us, connecting social and environmental issues with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, well made and lasting clothing was at the forefront of our brand values. We use100% recyclable packaging.”

Lime high-rise leggings & bra set, €125 & coral high rise leggings & bra set €150, both by Leyo Yogawear.

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Faye Dinsmore

The model-turned-designer credits her experience with internationally renowned designer and Queen of Knits Sonia Rykiel as the catalyst for her collections. Her beautifully crafted Aran knits are entirely sourced and made locally in Donegal.

On how her love of the Aran jumper begin:

"I grew up wearing sweaters made by my family, hand knit jumpers were just the norm. It wasn’t until I began working in fashion that I began to understand the rare quality of a hand knit sweater and to appreciate the time and skill that went into creating it. I remember distinctly the moment I decided to start my own brand, I was shooting Ralph Lauren video in London and I was dressed in a classic cream Aran style sweater, I checked the label and it said ‘made in Cambodia’ and I thought surely there should be a market for a hand knit Irish sweater actually made in Ireland."

Her Thoughts On Sustainability And Knitwear...

"I consider my sweaters as functional pieces, they are made precisely to keep the wearer warm, they do not have a season nor are they a passing trend. My sweaters come with a lifetime guarantee and can be sent back for repairs if necessary. They are an investment in sustainable clothing."

Cropped Aran knit jumper, handmade in Donegal, €495. Faye Dinsmore.

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The Landskein

Designer and founder of The Landskein Anna Guerin feels passionately about the Irish landscape and its connection with fabrics such as Irish tweed and linen, her second CREATE collection showcases a limited-edition range of exquisitely tailored blazers and classic trench coats.

On what inspired the collection…

“I’m inspired by journeys, of both body and soul. Leaving behind the past and navigating beyond expansive horizons. The Landskein means “the braiding and interweaving of horizon lines”, which is reflective of the brand’s essence. Our pieces interweave the lines of heritage and modernity, by telling the story of Irish textiles in a modern narrative.”

On iconic Trench wearers…

“Our CREATE trench coat is made entirely from linen twill and check woven in Ireland. This piece recalled famous train scenes with Catherine Deneuve and Diane Lane wearing beautiful trench coats. For me a trench coat transcends fashion, it’s a timeless iconic piece, and as a designer it is wonderful to create something innovative but within the framework of heritage.”

‘Horizon’ coat, 100% Irish twill linen & check, made in Ireland, €1,295. The Landskein by Anna Guerin.

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Sara O’Neill

Beautiful limited edition prints from the stylist and illustrator Sara O’Neill as she returns to CREATE with her label Éadach. Sara has reimagined her most popular prints, into sweeping long dresses, kimonos and silk scarves.

On her love of the kimono…

“I love kimonos. They are such beautiful, timeless garments. For Éadach I wanted a simply constructed garment that would allow the print and the movement of the silk to take centre stage and after a bit of playing around I settled on a version of the kimono that works perfectly. My prints are now designed around that.”

On Irish Mythology And How She Likes Storytelling In Silk…

“Moving back here to the Causeway Coast, the myths and legends my grandmother told me as a child came back to me and really came to life. I had worked as a commercial illustrator and as a stylist for years and then I started illustrating these stories, fusing my pencil drawings with the colours of the coast. The swirling, billowing nature of silk adds to the magic of the story I am trying to illustrate, and the lustre really enhances the vibrancy and richness of the prints. I’ll never be as good a storyteller as my granny, but hopefully these prints will help keep our beautiful stories alive in a new way.”

Éadach Roisin Dubh crepe de chine cape €795, Éadach Roisin Dubh silk dress €600. Both by Sara O'Neill.


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Michelle Kearns

Award-winning milliner Michelle Kearns creates handcrafted hats and headpieces that have been turning heads across the country for a number of years.

On her passion for creating millinery...

"I love moulding, sculpting and creating pieces from scratch. Combining basic elements such as wire, thread and feathers and transforming into a headpiece for that special occasion."

On Her Materials For Her CREATE Pieces:

"This collection is a good mix of vintage and contemporary in my signature design details of feathers, wire and beading mostly in smaller hairband style to cater to the more intimate and formal celebrations and gatherings over the coming months."

Left: Kerry hat. Structured ivory jinsin crown with gold detailing €145, both by Michelle Kearns.
Right: Diana hat, sculpted ivory rooster feather and ostrich with muted gold detail, €345.

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Blaithín Ennis

A hugely successfully former CREATE designer, Bláithín Ennis returns with her striking cutting-edge handmade jewellery

On Her Wexford Inspiration…

"I have designed and developed a new collection called ‘Fire & Ice’ inspired by the dramatic climatic events of recent months. My passion for the planet and sustainability are at the forefront of this collection." Fires in the Amazon rainforest and the drastic melting of polar icecaps at radical speed were all infused in my 2020 theme

On the new pieces for CREATE…

“The collection is comprised of dark plum and gold pieces alongside gorgeous icy silver grey pieces. Dazzling hair jewellery will also be available this year, alongside her signature statement earrings and beautiful intricately woven bespoke bags.”

Left: Gold spike headpiece, €300 & gold spike spine piece, €1,500.
Right: Gold beaded couture waistcoat €2,750 & gold beaded headpiece, €250, all by Bláithín Ennis.

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Úna Burke

A firm favourite at CREATE Úna’s handcrafted bags, belts and corsets are both timeless and avant garde, with a strong celebrity following from all over the world.

On working with leather:

“I love how leather improves with use instead of deteriorating, which unfortunately happens with so many items today. The development of this patina is a very personal experience between product and user so there is something of a story held in each heirloom piece that we make.”

On her highlights of film, costume and music video collaborations:

“We have been fortunate to have built great relationships with legends of the music, film, TV and theatre worlds, from Star Trek to The Hunger Games to Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift. We hope to do even more costume work now that we are back living in Ireland and surrounded by such great film and music industries.”

Black milled vegetable cowhide overlap jacket, €850; Black milled vegetable cowhide overlap hip cinch belt, €665. Both by Una Burke.

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Sorcha O’Raghallaigh

Sorcha blurs the parameters between art and fashion, with a love of handmade craft and ornamental detailing, her ready-to-wear designs are grand poetic gestures loved by Beyoncé, Madonna, Maisie Williams, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Florence Welch.

Her Thoughts On The Synergy Between Art And Fashion:

"I love how art has always influenced fashion and visa versa, both are usually a response to what is going on in the world so I think there will always be a synergy between the two disciplines."

On Her Style Influences...

"I was mesmerized by the way my mum would get dressed up when I was growing up, it was the 1980's. It made me appreciate the ceremony of getting dressed. Everything she did from putting on her lipstick, to her favourite piece of jewellery, it all captivated my imagination!"

Embellished jumper, €550, cherub crystal head piece, €500; Ostrich embellished skirt, €950; Embellished ostrich cape, made to order, price available on request; Embellished pink crystal head piece made to order, price available on request; All Sorcha O'Raghallaigh.

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Mimi & Bowe

Mimi & Bowe is a beautiful children’s brand founded and designed by Olwen McAuliffe.

On How It All Began:

"Mimi & Bowe began when I identified a gap in the market for super soft, organic cotton and stylish baby grows and loungewear when I was buying for my twin daughters. Having worked as a designer for 14 years, I decided to create my own brand focusing on comfort, style, practicality, durability, ease and sustainability."

On Sustainability:

"All Mimi & Bowe garments are made with 100% organic cotton and are GOTS certified, which we are very proud of. This means that Mimi & Bowe and our customer are investing in water conservation, better soil, cleaner air and farmers living standards. We love the planet and the people on it!"

Childrens cotton pyjama sets, €36 each. Both Mimi & Bowe.

See this year's CREATE exhibition in our Dublin store from Tuesday, 22nd September 2020 - Sunday, 18th October 2020.


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