Our Christmas Themes

  • Blush Forest

    Blush Forest

    Embrace your softer side this Christmas, and bring snow-dusted pinks, burgundies and greens to your tree. With delicate sparkle and whimsical forest charms, these decorations will breathe new life into the forest floor of your tree.

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  • Like Shooting Stars

    Like Shooting Stars

    Turn your home into a sparkling, snow-covered scene. In blues, light-reflecting metallics, pure white and cream, these decorations are reminiscent of the moonlight on planes of fresh snow; pure and with a sense of untouched magic.

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  • Champagne Sparkle

    Champagne Sparkle

    A touch of elegance is key this Christmas, with gold, platinum and cream tones creating an effervescent shine. Soft light, shimmer and pearlescent embellishments make for a tree which embodies grace and beauty.

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  • Deck The Halls

    Deck The Halls

    Taking the traditional Christmas experience and making it extraordinary. With luxury finishings and nostalgic touches, the emerald green and deep crimson of this theme embody the magic of Christmas as we know and love it.

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  • Once Upon A Dream

    Once Upon A Dream

    Delve into the Christmas of your wildest dreams. With touches of magic and glimmers of fantasy, this theme brings the dreamscape to your reality, making dreams come true with delicate florals and star-like pieces.

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  • Oh What Fun

    Oh What Fun

    The festive period is made for fun with family and friends, and what better way to mark the merriment than with a uniquely charming decoration, with something for everyone, from the ballet-dancer-to-be, to Baby's First Christmas.

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