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8 Steps To Pure Comfort

There are many ways to practice daily self care, whatever that means to you. Whether it’s taking the time to meditate or practice some yoga, doing a face-mask or lighting your favourite candle and sitting down with a cup of tea, self care and self wellness are important.

One of the simplest ways to care for yourself is to create an atmosphere of comfort in your home.

The Danish describe this feeling as ‘hygge’; a feeling or sense of cosiness in terms of warmth, comfort and safety, achieved in simple ways, from lighting a candle to spending time at home with family.

We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to feel comfort, from soft loungewear against our skin, nights at home in our favourite pyjamas, relaxing with a soothing hair or face mask or the calming effects of an essential oil diffuser.


1. Light A Candle

With Skandinavisk

Home and fragrance brand, Skandinavisk, believe that living the Scandinavian way is about how you think, how you treat others and the nature that surrounds you. Embrace the comforting scent of these natural and organic candles with the Hygge Scented Candle, which has echoes of tea, baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint.

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2. Self Care Skincare

With Sisley & La Mer

Sometimes wellbeing and comfort can be found in routine and pampering. The process of applying a hair or face mask can instantly create a sense of calm and relaxation. Try Sisley’s Regenerating Hair Care Mask or La Mer’s Intensive Revitalising mask for hydration and radiance and embrace the renewal process.

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3. Real Silk Pyjamas

With La Perla

For pyjamas that provide the smoothest silk that soothes the skin, La Perla have created this classic feminine style, with a drawstring waist for a truly comfortable fit. With the most sumptuous Italian silk for evenings spent indoors, you’ll want to relax in these before the day is even out.

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4. Luxurious Loungewear

With Max Mara Leisure

Max Mara Leisure exudes comfort, with neutral hues and muted colours, their pieces combine comfort and style impeccably. This ribbed knit, woven from pure cotton, has a relaxed fit for ultimate comfort.

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5. For Essential Wellbeing

With NEOM Organics

NEOM Organics focuses on creating fragrances that boost your wellbeing. The Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser creates the feeling of comfort through scent. It helps with improving sleep, reducing stress and lifting mood, providing all-round wellbeing benefits.



6. Luscious Lips

With Estée Lauder

With a lip repair formula that will revive your smile, look to the Estee Lauder Lip Repair Potion. It’s the ideal while-you-sleep treatment providing renewing and softening benefits to keep your lips feeling hydrated and soothed.

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7. Unrivalled Comfort

With Sloggi

Sloggi have championed bodywear styles that focus on liberating true comfort. Their Zero Feel collection is lightweight and slips smoothly onto the skin providing gentle support, a feather-light and truly soft feel. Try the bralette and briefs for all over comfort.

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8. A Hug From A Mug

With Emma Lacey

Sometimes nothing feels as comforting as sipping a cup of tea in our homes. It’s more than just a beverage, and is synonymous in our culture with comfort. In fact, the Irish are the heaviest tea drinkers per capita in the world. Try your next cup in the beautiful stoneware clay collection by Emma Lacey. There’s even a novel dented detail to create a more-homely feel.

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