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Below we share a summary of how we process and use personal data in Brown Thomas Arnotts.
(Last updated - 28th October 2021)

We have developed this privacy statement because we want you to feel confident about the privacy and security of your personal details when you visit or use the Brownthomas.ie website. We respect your right to privacy. We treat as confidential all of the personal information you give to us. By using the Brown Thomas website or by registering as a user of any services provided by Brown Thomas, you agree to our use of your data as set out below. Brown Thomas is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as a Data Controller and all handling and processing of your personal data is strictly in accordance with the data protection principles contained in the Data Protection Acts 1988 – 2018. The Brown Thomas servers are located in a secure facility and any access to your personal data is strictly controlled and limited only to persons who are authorised and have appropriate security clearance to access the servers. Saved payment card details are transmitted by Brown Thomas in an encrypted form to provide extra security for your online transactions. They are only shared with our payment partner and not with any other third parties and are only used to process your order, using our payment partner.

The software we use, which is called “Adyen 3DS2 SDK” conforms to a security specification known as “EMVCo”. This industry standard software will allow the collection of device fingerprinting without you having to take any action. When you use your device or phone while shopping online, the software will automatically collect the required device fingerprint automatically in order to enhance the security offered by way of allowing a risk based assessment to take place. The software will then encrypt and secure the information collected as part of the operation of the software. As the information is fully encrypted, neither Adyen nor any other party can access or view the contents of your information and information collected is only used as part of the automated system process to protect you while online or making a purchase.

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