Behind The Scenes Of Our Christmas Windows

Greatness In The Making

Every year, our wonderful creative minds are tasked with outdoing and outperforming what they accomplished the year before. Last year was out of this world. This year, things are a little different. After all, what’s good about Christmas, we asked ourselves? Now, what’s great about Christmas? And thus, The Great List was born, the embodiment of greatness, Christmas and all things Brown Thomas.

We spoke to the wonderful Janet Takuz, our Concept Designer, about the thought process behind our beautiful window showcase this year, and how you can bring that greatness into your very own home.

The Great List

“Why be on the good list, when you can be on the great list?” Janet asks. And indeed, why not?

This year, the Christmas windows are better than ever. “You can get good anywhere,” Janet says, “but you can get great at Brown Thomas. That special person you’re buying something for? You want to get them something really great. Those drinks you’re going to, that Christmas party? You don’t want to wear something good, you want to wear something great.”

Christmas at Brown Thomas this year draws on this sense of greatness, bigger and bolder and better than ever. Our beautiful window displays each year are crafted lovingly by hand by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic experts. With more shine, more glamour and more wow, it is their attention to detail that has brought this year's windows display to life. Each scene in our windows display focuses on a different element of what makes Christmas truly great.

Naughty Or Nice?

The first window Janet describes as “the embodiment of being the life of the party”, featuring a decadent metallic background, retro decorations and endless gift boxes.

The second is “indulgence at its finest”. Inspired by the foil and shine of a sweet tin, this scene is an explosion of bright and colour and light, with our mannequins becoming larger-than-life treats themselves. “Christmas is that one day of the year when you can eat as much as you want, indulge as much as you want,” Janet says, “and isn’t that great?”

Around The Christmas Tree

The third and fourth windows draw on another, more nostalgic element of Christmas: the ceremony of putting up the tree. With retro-style bulbs and decorations, these scenes are inspired by childhood memories of putting up the tree. "We really sat down this year and thought, what does Christmas mean to us?" Janet says. "It's really rooted in that emotional element."

The third window scene features a large-scale Christmas tree, in the process of being decorated by life-size baubles.

The fourth scene, which focuses on the lighting of the Christmas tree, is all about “the knotting, the unravelling, the putting it away. Did you take the time to put it away nicely to help yourself out in the future? Or did you not? It’s about the arguments, the excitement of putting up the tree”.

Making A List & Checking It Twice

There’s something even more special about our windows this year, something truly great. For the first time ever, our window displays will feature retro-styled decorations that can be bought in-store, along with designer ready to wear gowns and outfits from brands like Rabanne rather than bespoke costumes.

In a first ever, our windows will feature the greatest gifts, outfits and decorations of Brown Thomas, featuring the products and brands everyone wants to get their hands on.