New York-based label Tibi offers simple, modern designs for effortlessly luxurious clothing.

Tibi Spring Summer 2018 ABOUT THE DESIGNER Amy Smilovic, the fashion designer behind women's wear label Tibi, shares her style philosophy and shines a light on her new season collection.

What is your style philosophy? I believe your clothing and style is one of the fundamental ways we have of expressing who we are – not only to others, but also, most important, to ourselves. Clothing has the ability to transform you.

Who is the Tibi woman? She has a busy lifestyle, is curious about the world, smart, and really appreciates style and functionality. Her style is clean, feminine , modern and relaxed.

Describe the new collection We really spent a lot of time talking about what we love, what makes something a forever piece in our wardrobe, and how do we take that basic need of functionality and make it incredibly modern and desirable.

Your thoughts on Irish women’s style? The Irish are very rooted in tradition and this is how we approach our design every day. I love that there is a respect for the past in Ireland and also a desire to push forward, experiment and be creative. It’s all about curiosity and a love of life. When a woman embodies these elements it makes it very exciting for me as a designer.