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We have teamed up with the Cork City Council and enlisted the talents of our previous Art & Style artist Shane O’Driscoll to breathe new life into an abandoned space in his home town.

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At home with artist Shane O’Driscoll.


Corkonian Shane O’Driscoll is no stranger to Caroline Street. In fact he frequents the neighbouring music venue Cyprus Avenue across the lane from the former ESB power station he will be reinvigorating. Shane adds, "Going to gigs is a large part of my inspirational jaunts around the city."

Talking about being a part of the creative community in Cork, Shane maintains that being a member in Cork Printmakers is a real privilege,"I get to work with inspirational artists every day, which is something I don't take for granted."

There is a great revival in Cork at the moment and pride in the people to make it the best city we can. Creativity is a huge part of our culture and can be used to showcase what we have here.

Shane O’Driscoll

Cork City Council’s new City Centre Placemaking Fund supports all manner of projects aiming to add more colour and excitement to the streets from greening projects and parklets to lighting and artistic installations. So what does Shane think about the opportunity to brighten up the architecture of his home town? Shane says, "It’s exciting absolutely! It’s quite an honour to be asked to have my work displayed at this scale in my city. When Brown Thomas approached me to work on this project I jumped on it!"

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Shane O’Driscoll’s mural at the Waterford Walls International Street Art Festival 2018.


Shane has done some noteworthy street art in the past including a mural at Waterford Walls International Street Art Festival just last year. He admits he enjoys painting murals in rural settings just as much in as in urban ones, "It’s the kind of art you wouldn't expect to find in a field or on an old cottage in Kerry."

However this project is quite a departure from his usual gig as a fine art printmaker. Shane shares, "I usually work in a studio on paper, so making a mural on this scale will be a challenge but I can't wait to finish it and see the reaction. I try to create a sense of balance in my designs and interact with the building rather than just painting over it."

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Cowboys or Indians, a fine art print by Shane O’Driscoll.


When asked about his signature style Shane confides "I have a set colour palette and system of shapes that I’m drawn to and rearrange to create my compositions. It has become part of my artistic language."

The plan is to bring a punch of colour and shape into the city centre and give energy back to Caroline Street. The building itself is interesting, but has fallen out of view due to the new buildings in the area. Hopefully my artwork will give it a new appreciation.

Discover Shane's new work a few doors down from the menswear entrance to our Cork store later this summer. Find out more about how we are dedicated to supporting the communities of our cities below.



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