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Our CREATE makers this year are all about celebrating the history of our heritage crafts and highlighting new exciting areas of design. Scroll down and meet the makers from bespoke furniture makers, ceramicists and weavers to give your home a future design classic…

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Sasha Sykes by Sarah Weal.


Sasha Sykes

Hailed by the New York Times as ‘Products for people who live in the city but dream of the country’ Sasha Skyes' sculpture is quite simply out of this world. The Irish artist and sculptural furniture maker works with acrylics and resins to explore, manipulate, and challenge the material language of the natural world. For CREATE 2020 she will exhibit 3 pieces. A screen called the Month of November, a dressing table called Table for a Lady and a table top screen called Lake of Learning.

The Month of November screen works beech leaves in resin. Sasha says, "My hope was to catch some of the movements that come with autumnal winds in the swish of the leaves, but also the nurturing side of those winds in this piece. Her second piece is called Table for A Lady which is inspired by her mother's dressing table. "I wanted to work with feminine flowers so lots of reds and pinks with roses and fuchsia, alongside cow parsley and black lace elder leaves." Her third piece Lake of Learning was inspired by Killarney's National Park. She explains, "It's a piece that's as much about the beautiful and diverse flora of the valley but the history of the Inisfallen monastery on Lough Leane which was one of the main centres of learning in the Western world some 1000 years back." Sasha's incredible pieces will be exhibited for the duration of CREATE 2020 in our Dublin store.

Prices for The Month of November, Table for a Lady and Lake of Learning are available at request.

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Fiadh Durham wearing one of her handwoven scarves in Dingle, Co. Kerry.


Fiadh Scarves

Fiadh, a textile designer and hand weaver from Dingle, is passionate about the marriage of design and skilled craftsmanship. She says of being a hand weaver, "It is an incredibly rewarding process that begins with a string of fibre and ends with woven cloth. These techniques have been used in Ireland and across the world since ancient times and I feel it is my responsibility and honour to be a part of bringing this craft into the future." Her work is inspired by her surroundings, "There is something magic about the Dingle peninsula, for a long time it has drawn creative people who feel connected to the land."2000182476

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Fiadh grey acid stripe scarf which are unisex and can be worn as a large chunky scarf or as a wrap. She says, "There is something magic about the Dingle peninsula, for a long time it has drawn creative people who feel connected to the land."2000182476


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The team at Arran Street East.


Arran Street East

Born from the search for a simple, hand-thrown pot in great colours, Arran Street East designs and produces homewares for people who enjoy simple, functional, and beautiful objects.

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A collection of sleek and elegant designs from Arran Street East.

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Rebecca Killen

Ceramic designer and maker living and working in County Down, Rebecca Killen aims to create ceramic vases, dishes and bottles that evoke memories, a sense of nostalgia or serve as decorative pieces in the home to be used and treasured for years to come.

Rebecca Killen vases and plates range in price from €22-€55.

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Louise Browne of Living Ginger Designs.


Living Ginger Designs

Living Ginger Designs by Louise Browne is a unique contemporary ceramics brand, designed and handcrafted by Louise and her team in Galway. Their designs use actual impressed floral details, impressed designs and smocked fabrics in porcelain with their own handmade glazes.

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Meadow Mix vase by Louise Browne of Living Ginger Designs. Her floral range is created using actual flora found in the West of Ireland.


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Mourne Textiles is a family run business which was founded by Gerd Hay-Edie


Mourne Textiles

Mourne Textiles was founded in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, County Down, by Norwegian textile designer, Gerd Hay-Edie in 1954. Her iconic textile designs and pioneering weaving techniques became a staple of mid-century design and collaborations with Robin Day, Hille and Conran, established her lasting influence upon the world of weaving.

Today, the brand connect the designs of the past with modern influences, to create a collection of luxury home furnishing fabrics, cushions, blankets and scarves.

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The Mourne Textiles blanket is €230 and cushion €170


Discover the CREATE 2020 living collections on Level 3 of our Dublin store from Tuesday, 22nd September to Saturday, 18th October 2020.


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