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From Adele to Victoria Beckham, high profile crystal healing fans abound…but can these stones really impact your wellbeing? Morgane Jorge, crystal expert and founder of Stones Club explains the appeal.

If you’ve scrolled through any social media timelines of late, you’ll have noticed an influx of crystal-related content. Despite the recent increase in popularity, crystals are far from new. From Chinese medicine to ancient Egyptian therapies, crystals have been used in spiritual wellbeing rituals for centuries.

This sudden resurgence, however, can be linked to the frenetic energy of the past two years and the search for anything that brings a sense of calm or balance. Celebrity endorsements from the likes of Adele, Lizzo and Victoria Beckham certainly don’t hurt either.

We spoke to crystal expert and founder of Stones Club, Morgane Jorge, to learn more about the lure of a new generation to the world of crystals.

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Morgan Jorge, Stones Club founder.

What are crystals and why are they so popular?

“Crystals are naturally coming from the earth. We can find them in many different places across the world. They are used as personal development tools because of the benefits they have. Some stones help us manage our emotions, some have the power to protect us from energies and others are used to improve our capacities. Their power comes from their composition, their colour and the different steps they take to get their final appearance.”

Who can benefit from using crystals?

“Everyone! Everyone can use them daily to improve their well-being. You don’t need to be a very spiritual person to get benefit from them. Children and animals are also very receptive to their power.”

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When did you first discover an interest in crystals?

“I used to work in the music industry for several years and decided to quit in 2018 because of the pressure and impact this job had on my mental health. I was unhappy, I was feeling a lot of anxiety and needed to take a real break. I started to work on myself by travelling alone in Asia. I did a lot of meditation there and I finally discovered the power of gemstones. They were the tool I needed to be able to work on my personal issues. I studied them for months and realised so many people were facing the same problems I was and I decided to find a way to share what I learned from my personal experiences. That’s why I created Stones Club. I wanted to create some all-in-one products people can easily include in their daily routine to take care of themselves by working on their needs.”

How do crystals work?

“The energies they share have an impact on our being and help us in different ways. Some of them can release deep emotions, some can work on what we need to improve…they all have a message to share with us. If you are attracted to a stone, it is always for a good reason.”

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How do you choose the right crystals for you?

“You can choose crystals by learning about their individual properties but also simply by choosing the ones that attract you. You can be attracted by their colour, their name, shape or anything. Let your intuition speak for you.”

Best crystals for beginners?

“Rose quartz is the essential stone to work with for self-acceptance, self-love, emotions and inner trust.

Amethyst will help reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep and keep you calm in every situation.

Tourmaline will help you stay positive by protecting the body and mind against negative energies.

Rock crystal brings inner peace, develops intuition and brings joy.”

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For anyone that’s sceptical…

“Choose stones that bring serenity and inner trust. Let them be part of your daily routine - nothing bad can come from them.”

How do you use crystals?

“You can keep them everywhere with you: in your pocket, in a bag or simply have them next to you while your work. You can incorporate them in your daily meditations, yoga practices, or any moment of your day. During the night, you can place them next to your pillow if you need help with your sleep. The way you use your crystals should match the way you live. You can create your own routine.”

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How do you look after them?

“Crystal healing should remain an intuitive practice. Trust your intuition and do whatever you feel. The only thing to respect is to take proper time to clean and charge your stones: once a week for daily use, more if you feel you need to. To clean your crystals, place them in a bowl of water for a few hours or simply pass them through palo santo or sage smoke for some minutes. This action will get rid of any unwanted energies the stone may have trapped. Then, place them under the morning light for an hour to bring them new energy.”

Do you have a favourite crystal?

“Rock Crystal is my favourite because of the powerful positive energy it brings. It helps with vitality, serenity and staying positive!”

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