Armani Beauty Services

Makeup Lessons

Flawless Face Lesson

Discover your signature flawless face with our trained Laura Mercier Artists on counter. The makeover lesson will run for approximately 45 mins - 1 hour. Customers will be introduced to Laura's 4-steps to a flawless face, as well as tightlining, mascara, cheeks and lips.


Perfect Brows

In 10 minutes customers will learn about the structure and shape of their brows followed a tutorial on how to fill and set product on them.


Sun-Kissed Glow

In 10 minutes customers who love the healthy look of golden, sun-kissed skin will learn how to create a truly natural glow on the skin, not orange or overly pearlized like so many others. Laura Mercier Artists will advise customers of the correct bronzers and tecnique to suit the look they wish to achieve.


Flawless Skin Consultation

in 15 minutes Laura Mercier Artists will access and advise the customer of their skin type and offer a complete recommendation of skincare products tailored to the needs of the customer. They will experience 4 steps: cleanse, perfect, treat and moisturise.


The Art of Eyes

In 20 minutes, customers will be introduced to relevant Laura Mercier eye products depending on their makeup needs. During this time, artists will teach the customer Laura Mercier techniques to applying eye product with correct brushes.