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10 Steps To A Uniquely Luxe Christmas

How To Choose The Christmas Theme For You

Embrace your own personal brand of luxury this Christmas. With decorations available in every theme and colour of the rainbow, it can be hard to decide on just one. Whether you’re struggling to find the theme that suits your personality or your decor, or want to elevate your decorating style this Christmas, these ten tips will help you along your way.

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Christmas Colour Scheme

1. Pick A Colour Scheme

Each year, Google is full of searches seeking ‘the colour of the year this Christmas’. And there’s a good reason for this - having a unified colour scheme will help you guide your guests from table to tree, from front room to fireplace with ease and style. A defined colour scheme will bring a sense of order and elegance to your home, turning it into a Christmas oasis rather than a series of jarring decorations. We recommend the following themes for the following colour schemes.

  • Pink tones - Blush Forest

  • Blues and metallics - Like Shooting Stars

  • Gold and cream - Champagne Sparkle

  • Green and red - Deck The Halls

  • Sparkles - Once Upon A Dream

Christmas Trees

2. Get The Right Tree

The perfect Christmas requires the perfect Christmas tree. For an elegant and sophisticated effect, we recommend an artificial or pre-lit tree. While natural trees might smell wonderful, they can also have bald patches, and falling pine needles can make a mess in your house. An artificial tree will keep its shape year after year, and you can choose one exactly to your requirements, whether you want it as tall as possible or fuller than ever.

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Christmas Themes

3. Theme, Theme, Theme!

Just like having a specific colour scheme, having a theme that follows throughout your home can create an atmosphere like no other. Unsure of what theme suits your personality or your home? Here’s an easy breakdown.

Blush Forest Theme

Blush Forest

Embrace your softer side this Christmas, and bring snow-dusted pinks, burgundies and greens to your tree. With delicate sparkle and whimsical forest charms, these decorations will breathe new life into the forest floor of your tree.

Perfect for: Romantic or Bohemian styles

Like Shooting Stars Theme

Like Shooting Stars

Turn your home into a sparkling, snow-covered scene. In blues, light-reflecting metallics, pure white and cream, these decorations are reminiscent of the moonlight on planes of fresh snow; pure and with a sense of untouched magic.

Perfect for: Minimalistic or Modern styles

Champagne Sparkle Theme

Champagne Sparkle

A touch of elegance is key this Christmas, with gold, platinum and cream tones creating an effervescent shine. Soft light, shimmer and pearlescent embellishments make for a tree which embodies grace and beauty.

Perfect for: Traditional or Elegant styles

Deck The Halls Theme

Deck The Halls

Taking the traditional Christmas experience and making it extraordinary. With luxury finishings and nostalgic touches, the emerald green and deep crimson of this theme embody the magic of Christmas as we know and love it.

Perfect for: Nostalgic or Traditional styles

Once Upon A Dream Theme

Once Upon A Dream

Delve into the Christmas of your wildest dreams. With touches of magic and glimmers of fantasy, this theme brings the dreamscape to your reality, making dreams come true with delicate florals and star-like pieces.

Perfect for: Extravagant styles

Oh What Fun Theme

Oh What Fun

The festive period is made for fun with family and friends, and what better way to mark the merriment than with a uniquely charming decoration, with something for everyone, from the ballet-dancer-to-be, to Baby's First Christmas.

Perfect for: Quirky styles or gifts

Decorative Garland And Wreath

4. The Rest Of The House

While the Christmas tree may be the centrepiece or focal point of your home this festive season, it’s not the only place worth decorating. Carry your chosen theme throughout the home by incorporating decorations into the rest of the home. A wreath on the front door welcomes visitors immediately into a decorative den. Follow this up with a garland on the staircase or mantlepiece, or even some well-placed fairy lights.

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Christmas Tableware

5. Dedicated Tableware

If you’re looking to create an atmosphere of pure elegance and luxury this Christmas, start with your tabletop essentials. Having a dedicated set of dinnerware that is used exclusively at Christmas time can create a true feeling of luxury, and carry the celebratory feeling through from meal to meal, day to day. A luxury brand such as Le Creuset or Denby will further heighten this experience.

We recommend either choosing a staple dining set in neutral colours which will match any chosen theme year after year, or for a truly extravagant experience, match your tableware to your theme and colour scheme.

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Christmas Table

6. Dressing Your Table

When hosting family or friends, or even just sitting down to a nice meal with your closest loved ones, a delicately and elegantly dressed table will elevate the dining experience. Turn your home into a Michelin star restaurant with considered decorative touches and a treat for all the senses.

A well-chosen table runner and placemat combination can go a long way. For a simple, luxe table setting, drape an elegant garland across the centre of your table. Get creative! Even a decorative candle holder can act as a centrepiece.

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Christmas Drinks

7. Anyone For A Drink?

The heart of the Christmas season is fun with family and friends. You can turn your hosting essentials into a beautiful focal point of any room with a bar cart and select stunning glassware. Whether it’s a tipple in front of the television with your closest, a virtual party with extended family and friends, or an intimate gathering, your hosting skills will be top notch with an elegant dedicated bar area or bar cart.

LSA offers stunning glassware and decanters, while Coravin has every contraption you could possibly need to stock your bar with.

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Couch With A Cosy Blanket

8. Bundle Up

As we enter the winter months, many will agree that there is nothing more satisfying than bundling up on the couch with a cosy blanket while the rain pours outside. A choice luxury woollen or cashmere blanket from Foxford or John Hanly can be folded and draped across the back of your sofa when not in use, making both an incredibly luxurious comforting experience and a simple decoration! Bonus points if it matches the colour scheme or theme of your other decorations.

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Hands Holding A Candle

9. Smells Like Christmas

A well-placed, well-chosen candle can influence emotions, create a relaxed atmosphere and even recall memories. A simple way to make your home feel like Christmas time, is to have a particular festive scented candle which is lit at this time of year. Opt for a candle or diffuser with notes of nutmeg, cloves, orange, berry, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, pine or cedar for a festive themed scent.

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10. Family Fun

This Christmas might be a little different to others, but it’s more important now than ever before to stay connected to those we love most. Be that through a virtual dinner party, using a tablet or phone, or taking the time out of your day to sit down and watch a movie together, technology is bringing us closer together than ever, and is an important consideration when creating the perfect festive haven in your home.

From a speaker to boast holiday tunes, to a new TV for family entertainment, to a tablet or device for connecting with loved ones abroad, technology this Christmas will be a focal point of entertainment and communication, and deserves a pride of place in your home.

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