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In Your Hands

Hand Care Made Simple

Be it through physical work or hand washing, our hands can often feel neglected, dry, cracked or sore.

Washing your hands throughout the day can result in dry skin, as water tends to dehydrate the skin and leave it exposed to the environment. Using anti-bacterial gels frequently can also dehydrate the skin as they contain alcohol. As a result of dry, cracked skin on our hands, our hands can often carry some of the first signs of ageing skin.

Fear not, we’re here to help. Keep your hands maintained and pristine with our hand-care guide, including soaps, sanitiser, hand cream and manicure tools.

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Keep It Clean

1. Caring Hand Wash

You can only remove bacteria from your hands if you wash your hands thoroughly. Use warm water, but be careful not to have the temperature too hot as this may damage delicate skin and further dry it out. Lather some bar soap or liquid soap, depending on your preference, between the wet palms of your hands to create a foam. These are our favourites from Max Benjamin, diptyque and Jo Malone London.

Soap your hands thoroughly in a circular motion, taking special care to wash between the fingers, on the fingertips, on the nails and the palms. Do this for at least 30 seconds to remove germs and bacteria. When the soap is rinsed off, pat your hands dry with a soft towel.

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Be Prepared

2. Skin Sanitiser

An effective hand sanitiser spray is essential for good hand hygiene when water and soap are not available. Irish brand Cloon Keen are now producing alcohol-based hand sanitizer scented with garden fresh mint, sweet ripened citrus fruit and aromatic armoise to create a refreshingly clean and modern impression. Nunaia, another Irish brand, have also been producing their own Lavender and Tea Tree hand sanitiser, which comes in a number of sizes for optimum cleansing on the go.

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Margaret Dabbs products

Soothe And Nourish

3. Hand Repair Creams

While it’s essential to maintain proper hand hygiene for each and every one of us, repeated hand-washing can dry out skin and we might need to pay a little more attention to our hard-working hands in the future. Applying a lotion intermittently throughout the day helps to rehydrate skin, and there are many options, from classic lotions, such as Max Benjamin’s Shea Butter Hand Cream and Byredo’s Gypsy Water Hand Cream to newer balms with anti-ageing benefits, such as those offered by Margaret Dabbs. Apply on your hands at least twice a day after you have washed them thoroughly.

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Nailed It

4. Hand and Nail Tools

The final step to perfect hands is well manicured nails. After a hot bath or shower, gently push back cuticles using a cuticle tool. This manicure & pedicure set from Margret Dabbs includes a hand-picked selection of tools to keep your hands and feet looking perfectly finished and groomed. Elegant brushed stainless steel implements are designed to maintain sharpness and precision, for even and effortless cutting, together with convenient travel sizes of their renowned Super Shiner Buffer, Crystal Nail File and Professional Foot File.

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Treat Yourself

5. The Expert Service

Even if you continue to use hand creams, sanitiser, caring hand washes and practice nail and cuticle care, it's still always a nice treat to get an expert manicure. Treat yourself to a manicure with Nails One at The Beauty Lounge today.

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