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Creating A Mood Through Scents

Creating a scented sanctuary for your home with Cire Trudon and Fornasetti.

Scents have long been associated with impacting our moods and feelings. Essential oils are known for their soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating qualities. To create the perfect environment at home, choosing the right candle can really set the mood, with different scents having different effects.

Laurent Delafon, CEO of United Perfumes (Cire Trudon UK & Fornasetti Profumi Global), takes us through how he uses different scents from each brand to create different moods at home.

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To Relax And Unwind:

Laurent says: “From Cire Trudon, I love to burn Spiritus Sancti (holy spirit) which evokes the scent of a 16th century Parisian cathedral. It’s a really clever blend of lily-of-the-valley with the soft leathery scent of labdanum and incense vapour which for me is really soothing.

From Fornasetti Profumi, it has to be Nuvola meaning 'clouds' in Italian which is scented with Mistero - a warm, woody blend of crushed pink pepper, incense, cedar and sandalwood. Instantly calming.”

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To Cleanse The Air:

Laurent says: “Abd El Khader by Cire Trudon is my go-to fragrance at home and because it’s full of so many green, aromatic herbs that it works in every room, and helps create a sense of space. I love to burn this in the kitchen or dining room especially when I’m cooking because the spearmint note helps to cut through any strong food aromas.”

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To Create A Sense Of Calm Or Romance:

Laurent says: “I scent the room with a delicate floral fragrance and for me it’s always Fornasetti Profumi Ortensia which is a beautiful blend of white rose, iris, orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose, or Cire Trudon Madurai which combines Sambac jasmine and ylang ylang to conjure up the feeling of an Indian summer.”

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To Create A Really Cosy, Intimate Ambience:

Laurent says: “It’s either Cire Trudon Ernesto which is a really smooth yet smoky combination of tobacco accent, leather and amber that is slightly sweetened with rum, grapefruit and bergamot, or Fornasetti Profumi Bacio which is scented with Otto and fills the air with an almost addictive blend of Mediterranean herbs, sun-warmed orris, cedarwood, birch and swirls of perfumed incense.”

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