• 5 Tips To Reach Fitness Goals Within 5km

5 Tips To Reach Your Fitness Goals Within 5km

In a time as strange as this, as we adapt to social distancing and a movement restriction within a 5km radius from our homes, we offer 5 tips to help you meet your daily step goals.

Know Your Fitness Goal

1. Know Your Goal

Fitbit generally start everyone off with a 10,000 step goal daily, which adds up to about five miles each day for most people. At the end of the week, this adds up to about 150 minutes of exercise, which is the recommended amount by the National Guidelines for Physical Activity for Ireland.

Plan Your Route In Advance

2. Plan In Advance

Identify a route within your 5km and trial the route to calculate your approximate step count. In order to reach your daily step goal, analyse how many times you would need to complete this loop.

Make Fitness A Habit

3. Make It A Habit

Try to build this route into your daily routine; make a habit of it, so it becomes something you’re accustomed to doing, so you always reach your step count.

Be Creative With Your Fitness

4. Be Creative

Another simple way to stay active is to set up Reminders to Move on your Fitbit device. Every time your movement reminder goes off, challenge yourself to walk into the kitchen and drink a glass of water. (Remember: all your steps taken throughout the day will help you reach your overall daily goal.)

Have Fun With Your Fitness

5. Have Fun

And finally, invite your friends and family to join you in Fitbit challenges. A bit of friendly competition is a great way to encourage you to get more steps in and virtually support each other. Fitbit Challenges are all about pushing to see who can take the most steps over the course of a day, week or weekend and are a great way to keep you motivated.


For more information on your 5km radius for exercise, use this map to show you what that radius looks like. You can drag the pin to get your exact location for a precise measurement straight from your door.

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