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Thanks to LOEWE, Ibiza’s legendary Paula’s boutique is enjoying a comeback. Here to brighten our summer, just when we need it.

This is a happy, undeniably escapist collection, conveyed through colourful and energetic images, I thought it might cheer you up. As a visual feast, probably, or an aide-mémoire of better times to come. I’ll be happy for you to enjoy it, quite simply and very spontaneously.

Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director, LOEWE

When it comes to the mythos of enchanted eras, no island in the world does nostalgia like Ibiza. The legendary dance mecca has lured the most famous and fabulous to its shores for decades, not only to party but to shop, too. It was here that Irish designer Jonathan Anderson fell in love with Paula’s, an iconic Old Town boutique that dressed the island's boujis party-seekers throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Everyone from Freddie Mercury and Valentino donned the loosely cut, deep V-neck dresses and blouses that were instantly recognized as Paula’s own bohemian-cool.

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Ibiza became a mecca for the hippie counterculture in the 1970s attracting stars from Freddie Mercury to Valentino to the party island

The hippie look reflects the magic of freedom and youth. It is a highly attractive and powerful inspiration for the people of today.

Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick

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Archive images of Paula's Ibiza and Armin Heinemann working on one of his iconic Ibiza prints.


Mermaid Silk Asymmetric Knot Dress



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While the store shuttered for the last time in 2000 in what felt like the end of some wonderful decades-long festival, it took many years before Anderson, now creative director at LOEWE, set about reviving the boutique's allure. Anderson and Paula’s owners, Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick, have worked together to create a new take on the classic collections, ripe and ready for a whole new generation of revellers to uncover and make their own.

Since 2017 the duo has collaborated on a selection of beach and summer apparel and accessories, in the mood of the hippie-cool brand, deemed the LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza Collection. This year's offering is one of the most vibrant, eclectic and covetable yet, which is why we are honoured and elated to reveal that Brown Thomas is an exclusive partner for their 2020 collection.


We talked to the founders of Paula's Ibiza, Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick, to find out more about the LOEWE collaboration.

Tell us about how the connection between Paula’s Ibiza and brand’s creative director Jonathan Anderson came about?

When Jonathan contacted me with the Idea of a collaboration I was very surprised because I could not imagine how our two so very different business styles could work together. After giving it a second thought I realized that communicating with a creative mind like Jonathan could only be a fascinating adventure and I agreed.

What is it about the hippie lifestyle and look that you think is enduring?

The hippie lifestyle is history, it reflects the magic of freedom and youth. It is a highly attractive and powerful inspiration for the people of today.

Prints have been key to Paula’s look – tell us how the first floral print developed and what inspired these prints?

Soon after buying the shop I found a postcard under the door ordering 5 blouses to be sent to Germany. After driving over the whole island asking in a dozen farmhouses and getting to know the local country lifestyle I finally met my seamstress. I bought some old curtain material, used it from the wrong side, had the garments sewn, sent them away and got paid. . . . that was the beginning of a new business, and the always present nature gave me plenty inspiration for designing floral prints.

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LOEWE Paula's Ibiza 2020, tie-dye dress from the exclusive collection available online and in Brown Thomas Dublin.

So, what to expect from the exclusive collection? The key pieces are all about summer; energetic, fluid and injected with the indescribable appeal of a bygone era of fun and liberation. The duo's statement prints this season are waterlily and mermaid motifs, worn with neon hued sweaters and cross body raffia bags. The standout dress is a ruffled, beaded wrap dress in yellow which oozes Baleariac savoir-faire and nods to LOEWE's pared-back cool, while tie-dyed dresses and print t-shirts offers a riot of rave-appeal. The collection is topped off with a handful of poolside-to-club accessories; the woven pochette tote and pink and red Puzzle bag are the cherries atop a timeless and ultimately joyous assortment that will wear well from morning to the wee hours.


Shield Bib And Ruffle Dress



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For the new generation, unfamiliar with all of the prestige and nostalgia that Paula's comes with, this collaboration holds its own. Whether it encourages new customers to long for the idea of hedonistic dressing and living the island life or encourages them to set about finding their own bohemian escape this summer (albeit one closer to home), the spirit of Paula's is alive and kicking through the LOEWE lens. It breathes of summer in every piece.

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