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With sustainability firmly on our agenda we are celebrating the faces that are paving the way. From film to fashion, beauty to science we see these incredible people as the ones to watch.

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1. Stella McCartney, Designer

No sustainable fashion roll-call is complete without Stella McCartney, she works hard on developing innovative processes that are less harsh and exploitative of natural resources, she uses organic cotton that doesn't come from endangered forests, is reducing the use of oil-based synthetics, and works only with suppliers that meet the brand's standards of quality and sustainability. Whilst also creating something beautiful, fashionable and built to last.

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2. Emma Watson, Actress

As an early adopter of sustainable fashion, Watson has used her visibility to promote brands that represent her beliefs. That means wearing labels that work with zero-waste factories, ethically-sourced materials, and that maintain a commitment to being cruelty-free.

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3. Ronan & Storm Keating, Positive Luxury Ambassadors

Ronan and Storm Keating fly the flag as ambassadors for Positive Luxury a London-based company which globally awards luxury brands with an interactive Trust Mark for meeting sustainability and ethical business criteria. Now used across the luxury market – in fashion and beauty, premium drinks, travel and more – it is an internationally recognised symbol of the very highest sustainable standards which is a cause which is close to their hearts.

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4. Amber Valletta, Model and Vogue Editor

Amber Valletta is joining the British Vogue masthead as the magazine’s first sustainability editor. The 46-year-old model and activist has dedicated herself to speaking out against the industry’s environmental evils throughout her career, and in her new role will report directly to British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful, leading the editorial agenda when it comes to sustainability issues.

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5. Clare Press, Podcaster & Activist

Clare Press is the presenter of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast, former Australian Vogue's sustainability editor and author of three books - The Dressing Table, Wardrobe Crisis, How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion and Rise & Resist, How to Change the World. In 2018, she was made Global Ambassador for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative. She now sits on Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Sustainability Advisory Board and is one of Global Fashion Agenda’s Content Experts. She believes fashion can be a powerful force for positive change, particularly in terms of female economic empowerment.

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6. Dana Thomas, Author

Dana Thomas is a Paris-based culture & fashion journalist. She is the author of groundbreaking books on fashion's impact on the world from “Deluxe” a New York Times bestseller; “Gods and Kings”; and “GFashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes.” In Fashionopolis she unpicks how the fast fashion industry has affected our planet, but it's not all doom and gloom, she has hope for the future and sees renewal in a host of developments, including printing 3-D clothes, clean denim processing, smart manufacturing, hyperlocalism, fabric recycling—even lab-grown materials. From small-town makers and Silicon Valley whizzes to such household names as Stella McCartney and Levi’s Thomas highlights the companies big and small that are leading the crusade.

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7. Tara Stewart, 2FM Presenter and Sustainability Queen

Tara Stewart is one of the coolest and most colourful additions to the Dublin music and fashion scene, often seen DJing at Brown Thomas events. The Irish-Aussie creative – who is also half Malaysian and Indian – moved to Ireland nearly ten years ago to pursue her dreams of working in music. Now a successful DJ, RTÉ 2FM radio presenter and Instagram personality she is turning her passion for all things style into a force for good with her incredible podcast Dirty Laundry where she explores how the fashion industry ties into the climate crisis and how we all need to think very seriously about fashion and sustainability.

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8. Jaden Smith, Musician and Influencer

Jaden Smith, is the new poster boy for sustainability. The multi-hyphenate influencer, musician and actor has developed a sustainable water bottle business and collaborated with Pharrell Williams on a sustainable denim collection. He says: "Kids love the environment and we need to nurture that interest when we reach adulthood. Do it for the kids!"

We are delighted to be connected to some of these incredible personalities, read more about Clare Press in our interview and find out more about the changes Positive Luxury and the Butterfly Mark are making to our world.





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