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When Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi founded Le Labo back in 2006 they wanted to revolutionise the perfume industry by focusing on creating fragrances which celebrate craftsmanship, unisex scents and traditional production methods. Since then the self-made Grasse-meets-New York brand have become a global phenomenon which is all about the people behind the brand from the perfumer, the lab technician, the candle pourer, the rose harvester and you – the wearer. We are delighted to welcome this unique collection to the fold this spring, here we highlight everything you need to know about Le Labo’s gamechanging new perfume philosophies and soulful scents…

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Le Labo work to make the lives of people more beautiful by creating beautiful sensorial experiences, their craft is deeply rooted in slow perfumery.


Authenticity is at the heart of Le Labo, the founders believe in handcrafting soulful fragrances that are both familiar and unexpected. Hands being the key word and central to the fragrances themselves, the duo offer the idea that, “thoughtful hands, hand-picked roses, hand-poured candles, hand-formulated perfumes and handshake agreements,” are at the very heart of their products. Their mission is to remind people that scent can be thoughtfully produced and be a style signature and extension of our identity and individuality.

We work to make the lives of people more beautiful by creating unique sensorial experiences. Our craft is deeply rooted in slow perfumery.

Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi, Le Labo

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Penot and Roschi delight in breaking the rules of perfume manufacture: from creating unisex fragrances, their Rose 31 is equally beguiling on men and women, to providing a selection of scents which are both thrillingly new while still working something intimately familiar. Their iconic scent Santal 33, has reached cult status and was inspired by the great American West, the perfumers realised this by summing up in fragrance the emotions surrounding this concept– think of a figgy, leathery, smoky scent and you get the picture. It’s this combination of craftsmanship, concept and pure core ingredients which has captured the imagination of a generation, and is set to continue to inspire the nose of the coming ones.

We don’t approach gender in a traditional way at Le Labo, that’s not how we see the world, that’s not how we see perfumery. We create for souls, not genders.

Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi, Le Labo

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With a philosophy of creating products for “souls not genders” Le Labo wants to simplify your bathroom with unisex shampoo, conditioners and body lotions that are plant-based, cruelty-free and crafted in California. They offer only one thing that they are “free of any promise other than making you feel good.” We can't say better than that.

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Grooming at Le Labo is all about taking you back to the grand old days of the American barber where they were more than just simple groomers, they were surgeons, dentists, therapists, confidants and more. Open one of these products and you’ll find the familiar smell of tobacco, hair tonic and pomade that immediately greeted barbershop regulars of years past, ensuring you discover a whole new experience within the modern bathroom.

Let Labo’s founders leave you with some olfactory food for thought with a quote from the Persian poet Hafiz, “Act great, dear. Always act great,” with a spritz of a Le Labo scent that fate is sealed.




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