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It’s time to bring the outdoors in. Use Mother Nature's beauty to spruce up your tablescape this spring.

There’s nothing new about designers using nature as their muse. This year, however, it’s not flowers but foliage that’s having a major moment on runways and dining room tables alike. Yes, dining room tables.

As a result of the booming tablescape trend, these days, how you dress your dinner table is just as, if not more, important as how you dress yourself. No longer a mundane chore, setting the table has become a more lavish, creative affair. Tables can be brought to life with blooming bouquets, matching tableware, colourful glassware and decorative tablecloths. From gingham tabletops, marble marvels and vintage vibes, last year saw a multitude of elaborate tablescapes. But for spring 2022, there’s one tablescape theme to embrace more than the others: the nature table.

Atmospheric, peaceful, wild and charming, nature captures our attention through the senses and helps us to relax and escape everyday stressors. Allow Mother Nature be your source of inspiration this spring and bring the great outdoors inside. Ahead, everything you’ll need to create a picturesque tablescape.

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Getting one of your five a day has been given a whole new meaning thanks to this new home accessories micro-trend. Plates, bowls and dishes that resemble some of our favourite fresh foods have been spotted on the most stylish of tables. Think cabbage, lettuce, or anything with leaves. Portuguese porcelain house Vista Alegre has designed the instantly recognisable cabbage and lettuce shaped form since 1824 and remains a popular choice for tablescape enthusiasts today.


The circular economy has inspired a whole new breed of designers breathing a creative contemporary take on classic crockery. Cirkel Design upcycle plates using objects that are often 100 years old. Giving a new lease to life to often discarded tablewear found at flea markets and charity stores across Europe, Cirkel Design fuses traditional designs with half-glazed matt colour ceramics to create truly unique pieces.

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It used to be the case that the secret to a perfectly designed table was matching crockery but this season, it’s all about throwing out the rulebook. Mix-and-match table settings are a great way to add flair and edge whilst still retaining some sense of order in the setting. The key is to pick a colour scheme and run with it. Urban Nature Culture make mismatched dining a breeze thanks to its range of Arts and Craft plates and dishes. The forest green tone also helps to keep in line with the overall natural look.


Inspired by deep ocean seas and cloudless skies, blue is a colour you’re going to see a lot of this season. Blue symbolises trust and wisdom, confidence and heaven. It endorses optimism and sparks happiness in its purest form…which is why it makes for such a great colour palette for tablescapes as it acts as an instant mood booster for your guests. Ottolenghi’s new FEAST collection has been designed by British-Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi in collaboration with Italian artist Ivo Bisignano and is characterised by a deep marine blue to evoke joy and celebration.

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One of the easiest yet chicest way to bring the great outdoors inside to your table is by featuring natural elements. While this can be achieved by using floral bouquets, opting for marble centrepieces, wooden boards and woven placemats help combine the two worlds. Handmade homeware accessories brand Nkuku works with natural and recycled materials resulting in some stunning tabletop decor.


Looking for more natural inspiration? There’s no better place to search than the great outdoors. Discover the benefits in The Power of Nature.