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Whiskey, classic cars, George Clooney: some things just get better with age. Adding to that list in recent months are watches. Here, we sit down with expert jeweller and DA:YT founder, Vincent Tynan to learn all about the world of vintage watches.

Vintage watch buying is enjoying incredible popularity, thanks to a community of savvy collectors, great internet resources for both learning about and buying old watches, a nostalgic yearning for quality products from eras past and a new sustainable mindset. Vintage watches also represent great value, the chance to wear a piece of history and, if you’re lucky, a good investment. Not to mention, they just look cool.

So, to get a little insight into the wonderful world of vintage watches, we turned to the founder of Ireland’s premier destination for fashion and precision timepieces, DA:YT, Vincent Tynan. As if there’s anyone in Ireland that can offer a few useful tidbits, it is most certainly he.

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On How DA:YT Came To Be…

“I started my career as a Silversmith over 20 years ago after travelling extensively, working with beautiful gemstones and learning from masters of the craft all around the world. My wife, Julie and I established our jewellery company, Juvi over 15 years ago and we have been designing and crafting beautiful pieces since then. However, I’ve always had a passion for watches and unique timepieces, so it was an organic progression to develop this passion into something that allowed me to work with the pieces I loved from prestigious brands around the world.

During lockdown, I spent a lot of time sourcing watches and researching the intricate functionality and craft of these tiny machines, almost as a way of keeping myself occupied when we were stuck indoors.”

On Discovering A Love For Vintage Watches…

“As an avid diver, I rely on a watch to keep me on track while I’m underwater so over the years I developed an eye for really great quality sports watches in particular. It was whilst researching the best dive watches that I discovered the potential that the vintage market holds and from there I decided to set up DA:YT Vintage to bring some of the most exciting second-hand pieces out there to bricks and mortar locations where everyone can benefit from them.”

On DA:YT Vintage…

“DA:YT Vintage is a curated collection of pre-loved, vintage and limited edition pieces from some of the best watchmaking companies in the world. We hand-select every piece to ensure our collection is diverse, unique and includes something special for every watch lover. We recently opened DA:YT Vintage counters in Brown Thomas Grafton Street and the beautiful new Brown Thomas Dundrum store and are excited for what’s to come.”

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Every new addition to our collection is a snapshot of history and I feel very privileged to source and handle items with such a rich heritage and backstory.

On Why To Buy A Vintage Watch…

“The biggest benefit of buying vintage or pre-owned is that there are no waiting lists - you can take your dream watch home with you the same day! Buying a brand new watch from one of the top brands is tempting but often comes with year-long wait times, interviews and vettings and the price can actually go up over time. There are plenty of pre-owned and vintage pieces available that have never even been worn so you’re getting the exact same product with none of the hassle. You even get to choose from pieces that are no longer in production by the maker!

Well-loved vintage pieces also often carry the story of their previous owners in the form of little marks, scratches and dings which means you get to wear a little piece of history on your wrist. Not to mention the prices are often much better if you choose a piece that’s been pre-owned and it’s the more sustainable choice - what’s not to love!”

On The Additional Appeal Of Vintage Watches…

“Sustainability has always been a huge consideration in both business and personal life, so we are always looking for ways to make our work more sustainable and earth kind. The beauty of buying vintage is that it saves products from landfills, requires no new resources for production and allows us to make our purchases more mindfully. You’re also less likely to need to replace a quality timepiece and the options for repair and restoration make the vintage market a much more environmentally friendly option for watch enthusiasts.”

On His Favourite Era Of Watches…

“Aesthetically I’m a big fan of 1950s watches. That’s when Rolex first released its Submariner and it really kickstarted the sporty, round face, bold simple dial which has become so timeless. From a manufacturing point of view, however, modern technology has really elevated the capabilities of watch manufacturers; the age we live in now means we are able to produce some of the most impressive and complex watches ever. But on balance I feel the 1920s were the era where some of the most amazing leaps in technology and innovation in watchmaking were made so I’d have to say the 20s is my favourite era overall.”

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On His Favourite Vintage Watch Find…

“It’s a tough call! I think my favourite so far is a Rolex Explorer F series from 2004. It’s never been worn and is still in absolutely perfect condition. It’s such a classic style and very wearable which at the end of the day is what a watch is made for! I’m also a big fan of the solid 18ct white gold Cellini Cellissima we sourced in 2021 because it’s such a stunning piece of intricate craftsmanship and very difficult to find with the navy face that our model has.”

The beauty of buying vintage is that it saves products from landfills, requires no new resources for production and allows us to make our purchases more mindfully.

On How To Buy A Vintage Watch…

“Check whether your watch comes with its box and original papers as this can really have an impact on the value of the piece and can also give you some insight into the watch’s history. Watches marked as chronometers have undergone a series of rigorous tests to ensure they meet the highest standards of timekeeping and accuracy so if hyper accuracy is at the top of your timepiece wishlist then that’s a good standard to look out for!

For vintage watches in particular you want to look at the case for crisp, clean lines, the absence of which could indicate that the watch has been repolished at some point. This can bring the value down as polishing is a process that removes metal and means it is no longer exactly as the manufacturer created it. You’ll also want to inspect the piece for any signs of wear such as dents, scratches, missing stones etc. and always buy from a reputable dealer with a proven track record.”

For more information on vintage watches or to find your dream timepiece, visit DA:YT Vintage in-store at Brown Thomas Grafton Street and Brown Thomas Dundrum.


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