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The predictions are in! Here's how to bring them into your own home...

It never fails to amaze us just how quickly Christmas comes and goes - one minute we’re detangling lights and hanging our stockings by the fire and the next we’re packing up the baubles ready to be stored away for another year.

Whether you’re currently trying to muster up the energy to pack away those final boxes of decorations or are more than ready to have a good declutter, our homes can feel a little lacklustre after the festive season. Luckily, the homeware trends for 2023 are here to give your space the pick-me-up it needs.

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Borrowing its name from tablescaping - the trend of creating beautifully-decorated tabletops that took our social feeds by storm last year - bathscaping is all about creating a relaxing, and perhaps more importantly, stunning sanctuary. Think a scented candle and luxury bath oil displayed on a chic bath tray or shelf with a glass of wine or herbal tea, a healing crystal, an indulgent novel and that all-important fluffy robe.

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In recent years, when it came to kitchens there were just a few colour palettes to choose from: cream, grey or a natural wood finish. But for 2023, colour is making a welcome return. Think cheerful shades of yellow, playful pinks and chic blues. What’s great about this trend is that you needn’t makeover your entire kitchen. Simply inject a boost of colour with the cookware below.

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It could be a classic marble chopping board or a concrete candle, either way, it’s clear that stone finishes will be big in 2023. Sleek, glamorous and timeless, it’s not hard to see why. Though you may initially think that concrete could make your space feel cold, when the trend is done properly, the opposite is arguably true. Juxtaposed with cosy soft furnishings, a concrete backdrop is instantly inviting.

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Essential oils are by no means a new product or trend but their popularity will grow in 2023. Much like you have scented candles dotted around the home, essential oils will soon take over. Whether you choose to soak up the fragrance from a diffuser, add to a relaxing bath or keeping beside your bed to help you sleep, prepare for essential oils to become your new obsession.


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