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Novelist and beauty enthusiast Marian Keyes opens her makeup bag and shares her foundation secrets...

I’ve fallen in love. Again. This time it’s the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter which has captured my heart.

I LOVE foundations. In fairness I love all cosmetics but at the moment, the skin is everything.

This thrilling foundation can also be a primer or a highlighter. When I first put it on, it seemed scarily shimmery, then it quickly calmed down and within moments gifted me with this strange, magic, glow-from-within face. Immensely glamorous.

“It’s a gamechanger,” I keep telling people. “I’ll never need another foundation again!”

Marian Keyes

But this is a lie.

When it comes to foundations, I’m like a rakish playboy, who haunts the South of France, moving from beautiful woman to beautiful woman. Every time I lose my heart, I love deeply. But I can never - will never - be faithful. The time always comes when I find myself gazing at the little bottle of loveliness and saying, “Be finished now, because I am bored and crave something new.”

But now, at this stage, instead of being a serial monogamist, I have a harem of foundations to hand, depending on my mood or need.For example Estée Lauder Doublewear is my go-to when I’m nervous. It’s got my back, it stays the course, it never lets me down.

Fulfilling an entirely different need, Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser comes into play when I’m ‘make-up free.’ (Just Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer, Armani's Neo-Nude A-Blush, Chanel’s Healthy Glow Lip Balm and the moisturiser. Shur, basically nothing!)

This lovely lightweight liquid neutralises my red chin and my purple under-eyes and lifts my skin’s habitual greyness, giving a sheer, radiant and natural finish.

Recently I ran into a cosmetic Situation: I’d had laser on my eyes and (briefly) could wear only mineral foundation. But I had PTSD from a previous encounter with the powder version. Maybe I brushed on too much, because it glommed onto all the hairs on my face and puffed out, so I looked furry. I was like a small, beige bear. Young children stretched out their chubby arms and smiled at me, but it wasn’t the look I was going for.

Bracing myself for another furry face, I effected purchase of Bare Mineral’s Barepro Performance Wear foundation – and what a revelation! Full, deliciously even coverage. It banished all evidence of my real skin but in no way looked like a mask. The finish was creamy and smooth and I did not look like a bear.

However, my lustful attention is once again wandering. This time to Huda. I have tried literally nothing from this exciting-sounding brand and I am mortified! Until last month I was even pronouncing it wrong. (I thought it was ‘Who-da’. Apparently it’s ‘Hudddda.’ You’re welcome.) I am eyeing up their Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation. It’s only a matter of time before I buy it. I cannot help myself.

Come to your favourite brand in your nearest store and a team member will ensure you find the perfect foundation match for your skin. Pop by your favourite beauty boutique for this complimentary service.


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