Meet the creatives pushing boundaries, effecting new dimensions of work and exploring new horizons.

Join us as our characters give us an insight into their unique fields and the motivation that has taken them to where they are today.

Tobi Balogun

A dancer, storyteller and movement director, Tobi is an example of the DIY and unique approach young creatives in 2022 have adopted.

Rob De Boer and Chris Wong

Led by musicians Rob De Boer and Chris Wong, Big Style Paddleboarders is a Mayo Coast Escape that embraces Ireland’s outdoors.
We take a trip to the sea with Rob and Chris to experience the calming environment which provides them with much of their inspiration, and helps form their creative process.

Khaki Kid

One of the most exciting young artists to emerge from the Dublin scene in recent times, Khaki Kid gives us a behind the scenes look at his process and the positive impact of supporting other young artists in the Irish scene. He is a firm believer in stepping out his comfort zone to embrace new opportunities and learn more about himself.