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What do we mean by Sustainable?

As modern consumers, we are becoming increasingly aware of being sustainable and ethical in all of our food and lifestyle choices, but what does this mean when it comes to the fashion, beauty, food and interior products we buy?

The Sustainability criteria we use meet at least one of our eight criteria focusing on respecting people, planet and animals in line with internationally recognised best practices.

While we are not perfect, we will always be honest. Being transparent about the small steps we are taking towards sustainability is our responsibility to you and the environment and we are striving to do better every day.

Our Criteria

The Sustainable Edit is a curation of products which have been carefully selected based on key credentials which fall into one or more of our eight key criteria. We work with our brand and concession partners to vet products against these criteria.

Read more about our criteria for sustainable fashions, beauty, homewares, food and more below.


Low Impact Materials

We are ever conscious of the materials we wear, the ingredients we put on our skin and the source of the food we eat, as well as the impact of these materials and ingredients on the well-being of people, animals and the environment.

Products in this section contain low impact materials which make up at least 50% of the overall garment, and are be accredited to third party, best practice standards, such as Global Organic Textile Standard, The Better Cotton Initiative, Global Recycled Standard, Tencel™, a low impact material sustainably sourced from wood pulp, and Ecovero™, sustainably sourced viscose, for textiles, as well as Forest Stewardship Council or Programme for Environmental Forest Certification for timber and Rainforest Alliance/UTZ & Ethical Tea Partnership for tea and coffee.

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considered Ingredients

Find beauty products that are made of natural and organic materials, with sustainably sourced ingredients that are accredited to internationally recognized standards. Within this category you can also find products which are free from certain chemicals and preservatives, such as parabens and sulphates.

Products certified to either COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural are also not tested on animals, have no Genetically Modified Ingredients, no parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. Cradle to Cradle™ certified means a more sustainable product for the circular economy.

Look out also for palm oil free, and responsibly sourced palm oil and derivatives as certified by RSPO (the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and Rainforest Alliance which protect against deforestation, and MarineSafe SPF options which are not harmful or damaging to coral reefs.

For specific detail at product level check the product description box.

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Low Impact Production

Low impact production ensures that high environmental standards have been upheld during manufacture. Products which meet this criteria include those from schemes and certifications such as Oeko Tex, The Leather Working Group, Bluesign , UN Climate Compensated, as well as brand specific initiatives such as Levi’s Waterless™ which reduces water use in denim by over 90 percent.

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Animal Welfare

Our Cruelty Free ranges showcases brand and products certified as free from any animal testing by PETA, Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny Scheme or Cruelty Free UK.

Look out also for certified Wool and Down products, which ensure best practice animal welfare standards are met at farm level as well as promoting traceable and environmentally conscious supply chains.

The standards to look for include Responsible Wool Standard, ZQ and Woolmark for wool, and Downpass, and Responsible Down Standard for down and feather product.

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Vegan products contain no animal derivatives, and our Vegan products are certified by the Vegan Society, Vegan.org , PETA and internationally recognized schemes.

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Community And Ethics

Products and brands which support fair trade and uphold these principles are incredibly important for community development and the greater movement of sustainability.

The standards and certifications considered under this category include Fairtrade and Fairshare, which ensure better pay and living wages for workers, as well as Fair Wear, which promote transparency and commitment to ethical supply chains amongst their members.

We also recognize that sustainability is not confined to one material, or process, but also requires a commitment to bettering the environmental and social impact of your operations as a whole. Here we also recognize brands meeting the highest standards of verification of company wide commitments to sustainability, such as BCorporation brands and brands accredited with the Butterfly Mark, by Positive Luxury for commendable social and environmental initiatives.

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Sustainable Lifestyles

Sustainable lifestyle choices should be easy, from reducing your reliance on single use items, to reducing waste this category collates the tools and products you need to do it.

Products in this category include re-usable containers, drinking bottles, and re-fillable products. Refillable means you can get a refill without buying a whole new product. For example, refillable candles, beauty products and perfumes. These reduce resources, waste and are cost effective.

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Locally Sourced And Irish

From supporting home grown talent and local facilities, to the reduced carbon footprint of the products which haven’t travelled afar before getting to us (or to you), our curation of Irish made products will inspire without costing the earth.

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