3 Tips For Your Home Sanctuary

Light some candles, prepare your best self-care essentials, and let's take some time to relax. Here's how to make your home into your own private sanctuary space.

Skncare: Behind The Face Mask

1. Behind The Mask

Starting with skincare, cleanse and apply your face mask of choice (we love Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Skin Clay Mask). For that added aura of relaxation, cut some cucumber slices and apply to your eyes. Lie back, and soak it in.

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Bodycare & Exfoliate

2. Wash It Away

Next up, bodycare. Exfoliate all over with a hydrating, body scrub that you can make at home. Simply combine sugar, olive oil or melted coconut oil as preferred, and the essential oil of your choice. Rub all over, then wash all your stress away for perfectly smooth skin.

Some Other Favourites

Ambience of relaxation and self-care

3. Mood-Setters

Carry that ambience of relaxation and self-care with you throughout the rest of the day. Light your favourite candle or diffuser, or even dab a little lavender essential oil on your pulse points, to preserve and prolong your peace.

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