• The Healing Power Of Colour Pink

The Healing Power Of Colour

Colour is very powerful. Different colours can represent feelings and can even alter a state of mind. We’re combining colour with fashion in telling the story of PINK.

Healing properties of colour pink


The colour pink has many beneficial healing properties. Bright pink colours have been proven to stimulate heart rate, blood pressure, energy levels and more. It instils a sense of calmness, and comfort, and certain shades of pink have even been used in prisons to calm inmates.

Healing properties of colour pink


Pink is synonymous with love. The colour promotes self-realization and unconditional love of the self and others. Historically, the colour pink is associated with cosmic love. Pink roses represent adoration, romantic love and sweetness.

Healing properties of colour pink


In colour psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive colour, inspiring warm and comforting feelings, alleviating jealousy and sadness. It cultivates an awareness of deepest emotions and feelings, by instilling the sense that everything will be okay. Pink tulips symbolise confidence and happiness.

Healing properties of colour pink


Pink can fill that gap of friendship, connection and affection we’re experiencing and also bring a sense of harmony and inner peace. The next time you open your wardrobe #ThinkPink.

Collages courtesy of our creative friend Edward @designandculturebyed

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