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GROUND is the new Irish wellbeing brand created by spa expert Peigín Crowley and it has arrived just in time to soothe and reconnect us to ourselves right when we need it most. Founded during the start of the pandemic in 2020 this beautiful brand is everything we are looking for right now – it’s handmade in Ireland, vegan and cruelty free, uses natural and organic ingredients and designed to support you and your family with calming rituals. We caught up with Peigín to find out more about how she sustains herself through difficult times and her grounding rituals designed to help you ground and relax.

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Peigín Crowley, spa expert and founder of the new Irish brand GROUND Wellbeing.

I have always loved the holistic side to spa therapy and believe in the power of touch. I love the idea that the body can be realigned into balance through different massage techniques such as acupressure, reflexology and Reiki while working with and through the breath to establish calm in the body.

Peigín Crowley, Ground Wellbeing


Crowley has cleverly built GROUND around four wellness families each with their signature bath salt, face and body oil and balm. Each product works beautiful Irish names. There’s Talamh (ground) for grounding, balance and focus; Codladh (Sleep) for reset and rest; Beo (breathe/life) to invigorate and uplift; and Cúram (nurture) designed for pregnancy and child care.

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Beo Uplifting Body Oil by GROUND Wellbeing is a nourishing blend of sweet almond oil and calendula, it's handmade in Ireland in small batches with natural vegan ingredients. Never tested on animals.


GROUND came into being after a simple realisation during the early days of 2020 that we all need to slow down and mind ourselves. With her spa background Crowley created a collection of natural aromatherapy oils and balms designed to be interwoven with wellness rituals to encourage mindful self-care. She understands the importance of rituals and what a difference a few minutes to a few hours of being mindful can do to help our sense of wellbeing and restore calm.

Peigín says, “When I’m overwhelmed I focus on my breathing, it’s a brilliant hack that takes me into the present and allows me to focus on what I can control – my breath. And in doing so I can hear and feel my heartbeat, and suddenly I have coherence between my head, heart and lungs and that gives me strength and belief in my next steps. The awareness around the physicality of breathing makes us grateful for our health and bodies.”

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GROUND Cúram Comfort Body Oil is designed for pregnancy and beyond and GROUND Talamh Rebalancing Bath Salts which are a blend of mineral-rich pink Himalayan salts infused with grounding botanical extracts of cypress, geranium and clary sage.


She continues, “I also believe in the power of a good bath. Planning a bath takes resource, it is a commitment. Deciding to turn on the immersion and set a time for yourself. Setting up the room, pouring the salts and then gifting yourself the comfort of warm water. Essential oils entering through a double route by lungs and skin. This is my ‘go to’ - even in the summer. For me it is like a hug to self.”


Peigín’s Bathing Tips

Bathing Ritual: Add a generous handful of GROUND's Bath Salts to a warm running bath, choose from (Breathe or Comfort salts), and immerse for at least 15 minutes. Breathe deep, give yourself permission to be still.

Finish with the Sleep Body Oil which is designed to nurture both body and mind with the therapeutic scent of lavender and bergamot. Apply generously on slightly wet skin after a bath or shower to help seal in long-lasting moisture. One of the most supportive and soothing of all essential oils, lavender balances the subtle energy of the heart and restores by encouraging rest into the body while the bergamot carries the warming energy of the sun, it helps to ease flow and stimulates energy so we can release irritability and unexpressed feelings.


Sleep Body Oil



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Grounding Ritual: Apply generously on slightly wet skin after a bath or shower to help seal in long-lasting moisture.

Staying true to GROUND’s commitment to sustainability the balt salts come in refillable jars.

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Peigín says "The Sleep Sound Gift Set includes the CODLADH Body Oil and Face Balm and is our GROUND best seller."


Peigín’s tips for calm

As a mother Crowley knows how important it is to educate her daughters in self-care. She says, “I cannot bake or cook well but creating rituals with my young daughters gives me great joy. If they come in from school upset about an incident, we do a thing where we take space ‘to come back to ourselves’ to re-centre. We use the children’s balms to massage into pressure points to trigger calm, we focus on our breathing and we become actively grateful for what we have. Then the incident becomes ‘smaller’ and we gain perspective together. Sometimes my daughter Isabella will say, ‘Mum I’ll just take your balm to school today in case I get sad – I will smell it and it will feel like a hug’. Other days when I’m struggling myself – my older daughter Anna Louise will take my hand and tell me ‘to take space, breathe – it’s not that big…’

We also love putting on the Calm Balms on at night – it is a conscious ritual where we invite rest into our bodies and trust in the essential oils to lure us into deep sleep with the scent living in their pyjamas and releases during the night each time they move to further relax.

Calming Ritual: GROUND’s multi-purpose balms (from the Calm to the Restorative Balms) can be used as a cleansing treatment to help remove dirt and impurities, to calm the body and mind and to aid sleep, simply massage into skin then rinse off with a warm face cloth or leave on face at night as a mask. You can also massage it into temples and pulse points, focus on conscious breathing and let your anxieties slip away.




GROUND Calm Balm 10 Years+


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GROUND Balm Calm Balm 5 Years+


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What I love the most is that scent is magic – it transports us; it lives in our memory. When you couple that scent with therapeutic goodness and use it on children, it translates into something very special = love and ritual. Teaching that self-care is a good thing and most necessary for life.

Peigín Crowley, Ground Wellbeing


Why not introduce yourself or someone you love to GROUND by starting with a gift set. Peigín recommends starting with, “The CODLADH Sleep range is everyone’s favourite as sleep is the cornerstone to having a good day and good health in general. The Sleep Sound Gift Set includes the CODLADH Body Oil and Face Balm and is our GROUND best seller by a mile! And if that wasn’t enough she leaves us with one final tip to help get through these difficult times. “Slow down, soften and mind yourself…. (and take a bath any chance you get!).”