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Star Wars actor John Boyega’s next big role is global ambassador for Jo Malone London.

Born on Saint Patrick’s Day in 1992, up-and-coming British superstar John Boyega has already achieved a staggering amount for his 27 years. The latest notch on his belt is a global collaboration with iconic British luxury fragrance brand Jo Malone London as their first "Jo Malone London Gent" ambassador. A perfect triage of scent, style, and place, Boyega was already a huge fan of the brand. "I love the creativity and storytelling element of Jo Malone London. It's something I resonate with, it is how I work best: with discussion, collaboration and down to earth honesty."

I love the creativity and storytelling element of Jo Malone London. It's something I resonate with, it is how I work best.

John Boyega

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John Boyega is the first “Jo Malone London Gent” ambassador.


He's eager to point out what kind of role scent plays in his own personal style and how he likes to "layer his fragrance" to results that feel unique to him. "If my life was a bottle of cologne it would be called: Conflicts and Success. A New Boyega line." Looking very much the movie star, he cites Japanese influenced jackets as a staple in his wardrobe, with fitted pants and chains completing his preferred look.

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John Boyega in New York.

When your second film grosses over $2 billion at the global box-office, it's fair to say the world is your oyster. The London native followed up the mammoth success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with an early foray into producing with the blockbuster sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising, which he also, naturally, starred in. That producer brain must come in handy when he's reading scripts for films he may also possibly headline? "I look for a number of things in a script," he says, "The main thing is the character arc. I want a change, something different," delving further, he underlines that "You have to go on an interesting journey with him." Erstwhile Hollywood types take note ...

Many of those who have been lucky enough to find success on the big screen cite fame as a downside, but Boyega was more surprised about how some things didn't change. "I guess I got told so many things about being famous I thought that everything would change for me. But I still go shopping late at night in my PJ's," adding, "Nothing's really changed."

While he began his film career with the London-set cult hit Attack the Block and then swiftly transported to a galaxy far, far away, Boyega has also been known to stretch his dramatic muscles, appearing in 2017's critical darling Detroit, a film by Oscar winner, Kathryn Bigelow and based on the true story of riots in the American state in 1967. Does he still get a buzz from being on set? "My favourite part of being on set is collaborating with people. I've always watched films and never had clarity in my younger days as to how the magic is created," quickly adding, "So to be part of that and witness it is the biggest rush."

Finally, he offers some recommendations from Jo Malone London’s collection, citing Bronze Wood and Leather Cologne Intense as his favourite day-to-day scent, complementing its long lasting subtlety which still "gets people smelling and noticing."

It is a fragrance journey into unexpected territory. At once smokey and warm, the wood leather molecule evokes the sultriness of beautiful, handcrafted leather encased in a medley of woods as a misty day draws to a close warmed by the sunset. Enlivened with vibrant juniper and fresh grapefruit. A mysterious twist of vetiver, is left lingering in the air. A cocooning escape from the everyday.

Celine Roux, Jo Malone Global Head of Fragrance and Master Perfumer

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker due for release in December, John Boyega surely has another multi-billion-dollar grosser on his hands, but with this collaboration with Jo Malone London, it is clear his home-grown sensibilities are never too far away.


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