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We talked to 3 women behind the hottest brands of the moment; Sofia Tilbury of Charlotte Tilbury, Gucci Westman of Westman Atelier and Amanda Harrington to find out some of their very best tips on tricks on how to shimmer and glow all season long.


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ABOUT SOFIA: makeup artist Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury is one of the beauty industry’s rising stars, and just like her aunt, the iconic Charlotte Tilbury, Sofia has makeup magic in her DNA!

On creating Charlotte's lit-from-within looK

Charlotte is like a walking skincare and beauty bible so I feel like she has given me so many tips and tricks over the years, from how to make your skin look lit-from-within to how to apply a feline flick, but one of her very best is something she learned from my grandmother, Patsy Tilbury—‘the sun is beauty suicide!’ It’s so important to protect your skin. I wear SPF every single day!!

On Charlotte Tilbury's glow enhancing Christmas heroes

I’m obsessed with all of Charlotte’s beauty secrets this year!! She is always inspired by the most incredible light-play magic, and this year, it was all about JEWELS and GEMSTONES! I am also obsessed with the Bejewelled Eyes to Hypnotise Instant Eye Palette, which has four glowing eye looks inspired by topaz, rubies, amethyst and smokey quartz. We’re all wearing masks right now, so the eyes are more of a focus than ever this year!! So many of my girlfriends are begging me for this! The new light-play textures are so velvet-softs and creamy. It’s such an easy way to create a sparkling smokey eye in seconds. Also Charlotte’s Magic Skin Icons set is the most divine collection of supercharged, science-powered skincare for instant results! You’ve got Charlotte’s best-selling Magic Cream to cushion your skin in moisture, her ground-breaking Magic Serum to tighten your pores and smooth the look of skin, the eye-brightening Magic Eye Rescue and Magic Night Cream—which is literally like beauty sleep in a jar! I also love that it includes Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil! My lips get so dry at this time of year, and it’s easy to forget they need skincare too! Magic Lip Oil is like a serum for your lips that boosts lip volume by up to 70% in 4 weeks, so I am absolutely addicted!!! These are the products I never do makeup without, and I know my Mum, boyfriend, grandmother—everyone, will love them for Christmas!

On getting that superstar glow and an at-home party look

For me, party looks are all about glow on the eyes, lips, skin, everywhere!! Even though we might not necessarily be partying like we’re used to, gifts like the Palette of Pops in Dazzling Diamonds are great for a party season smokey eye. The sparkling, diamond-inspired shades instantly make your eyes look brighter and more mesmerizing, even on a Zoom call!! You can use the shades like eyeshadow toppers to dial up your look, or use them all together to create an otherworldly shimmer effect! Charlotte’s Hollywood Superstar Glow highlighter is also amazing for gilding your skin with a smoother-looking, golden glow. I love wearing off-the-shoulder dresses and tops at this time of year, so it’s great for buffing over your collarbones and shoulders too!! For lips, gloss and sparkle look great on and off camera!! Charlotte’s new Jewel Lips are enriched with Hyaluronic Acid so they’re super hydrating, and they also have Diamond Powder in them to give you an instantly glamourous, shimmering lip.


Palette Of Pops - Dazzling Diamonds



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On the new traditions she is embracing this year

I think we have all learned to appreciate the magic of technology this year—from Zoom parties with friends to using FaceTime to catch up with family abroad. We all need a bit of joy and positivity in our lives and I will definitely embrace all the virtual drinks, quizzes and events to come, starting with my own virtual Christmas masterclass with Brown Thomas! I think that makeup and skincare truly have the power to change your mood and your confidence, so I can’t wait to be back with all of our magical Team Tilbury Pro Artists to share the power of makeup with everyone in Ireland! Virtual masterclasses help me connect with makeup and skincare lovers all around the world, it’s so amazing! I can’t wait!


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ABOUT GUCCI: Gucci Westman has more than 20 years of professional experience as a major editorial makeup artist, contributing to publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She rose to prominence creating dewy, supernaturally glowy looks for celebrity clients including Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow—establishing her highly coveted ‘second-skin’ approach to makeup.

On her secret to flawless luminous skin

There are so many different layers to achieving flawless skin, but I believe it starts from within. Being mindful of what you’re putting in your body has a huge impact on your skin health. Then there’s the steps you can take on the outside. Any type of facial massage is great for overall circulation and fighting off any inflammation and puffiness in the skin. Skincare is so important as well. I love to make sure I’m cleansing thoroughly and exfoliating regularly to ward off dull skin. No matter what serums I use to combat specific issues, I always make sure to top it off with a super hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen, this is a great base for achieving that coveted glow.


Eye Pods Eyeshadows



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On creating bright eyes

Our Eye Pods which are cream-powder shadows leave you with a luminous finish around the eye. You can sheer them out to create a translucent effect or easily build up the finish for a more dramatic look. The palettes click together and apart so you can easily throw just one or two shades in your bag.





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On clean beauty

People deserve so much more from their beauty products, and it requires brands to be transparent about ingredients, sustainability– everything. Arming yourself with that knowledge is also incredibly powerful. I personally want to know exactly what I’m putting in and on my body is safe. But I don’t live a rigid life. I’ve always stayed true to an 80/20 lifestyle: staying as healthy as possible without missing out on all the fun. When it comes to our products, I’ve embraced an ethos that’s all about being as clean as possible without compromising on performance. In our case, that means mostly plant-based ingredients, but occasionally specific synthetic ingredients when they’re the more responsible choice. We only work with chemists and formulators that we know and trust to thoughtfully curate every ingredient.

On the new traditions she will embrace this year

We’ve always put family first during the holidays, and this year will be no different. I think we’re really going to focus on how grateful we are to have each other. This year as a whole has certainly been different, but I’m thankful for the ways we’ve found to connect deeper with each other as a family.


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ABOUT AMANDA: Amanda Harrington is one of the beauty industry’s most respected and innovative sunless tanning experts whose personalised and modern approach to tanning has earned her a cult following and an A-list client roster of Hollywood’s and London’s elite.

On getting a glow this Christmas

With Christmas being more of a low-key affair this year I think it’s the perfect excuse to pare back your usual party makeup looks. If you want a subtle gradual glow use my Perfect Face Ultimate gradual time as your daily primer under makeup or as your moisturiser. Perfect Face and Perfect Body contain low levels of tanning agent, so it is a fuss-free way to build subtle bronzed skin. If you want a deeper sunless tan then think of the Illuminating Face Mist more as a bronzer and apply in the morning as a base, layering the product over your cheekbones and temples to create a semi-permanent bronzed glow. The Mist is packed with hydrating, cosmeceutical skincare ingredients so your skin will be nourished and radiant. The mist is also the perfect way to build colour on your “bits on show”, depending on your outfit for the evening, use the Face Mist and one of my tanning brushes to build colour on your chest, forearms, hands or ankles, without having to do a full body tan!


Face Mist 75ml



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On how to keep your glow over the winter months

Most seasoned tanners know it’s important to exfoliate before applying your tan, however, during the colder months it’s important to regularly exfoliate whether you’re tanning or not. By exfoliating the skin, you are removing the top level of dead skin cells so that when you apply your moisturisers or serums the product can penetrate deeper into epidermis giving your healthy, smooth, winter skin.

On her glow-giving gifts

The Illuminating Face Mist paired with the Face Lifter Brush.This is the perfect gift for a regular tanner as the brush is a revolutionary way to apply sunless tan to your face but I would also say it’s a great gift for someone who doesn’t tan regularly. It’s a great way to create a bronzed base on the skin and using the brush makes it so easy to apply there are no risks of streaks or patching. I promise the results are brilliant, bronzed skin! It’s quite addictive!

On the new traditions she will embrace this year

Well this year I had my baby girl who is 14 weeks old now and so it will be her first Christmas! I can’t wait to spend it with her. I am making her a special baby book with pressed flowers from each season to mark the different stages of her growing up so I will be pressing some ivy and mistletoe to mark her first Christmas!



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