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Love is central to the Omorovicza story, Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza fell in love with her husband Stephen while working as a US diplomat in Budapest, Hungary. Stephen is a descendant of Budapest's noble Omorovicza family. As they took romantic trips around the historic city, visiting its ancient spas, the two were amazed at the effect the healing thermal waters had on their skin. One marriage and an incredible skin care brand later they continue to bring the curative culture of the city to the world. Here we talk to Margaret about the benefits of thermal waters, recreating her world-famous facials at home and the ultimate beauty gift to give from Omorovicza this Christmas.

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BT: How did you get started in your career in skin care?

MHO: "I was posted to Budapest as an American diplomat and fell in love with a Hungarian man and with the curative culture (thermal spas of the city) at the same time."

BT: What is so unique about Hungarian thermal waters in Omorovicza skincare?

MHO: "We have been able to bottle the magic of the waters in our patented Healing Concentrate™ which recreates the effect a trip to the thermal waters would give, it leaves skin revitalized – smoother, suppler, more youthful."

BT: When did your passion for skin care begin?

MHO: "I remember being 13 and on a trip with my father. He gave me a little spending money and all I wanted to buy was skincare. I bought Clinique’s 3 step routine and have been hooked on looking after my skin ever since."

BT: What is your daily skin-care routine?

MHO: "It really depends on the condition of my skin – and other factors likes seasons, etc. Currently, as it is getting colder and my skin is both dry and sensitive, I am starting each day with our Cleansing Foam, then using our Omoroessence – a tonic which helps my serum and mosituriser absorb more effectively – I follow this with our brilliant Daily Vitamin C Serum which instantly refreshes and brightens my complexion, Illumeneye C Eye Cream which is amazing for brightening my eyes. I finish with our Blue Diamond Supercream and Complexion Perfector – which gives me a polished, natural glow."

BT: What is your night time skin care routine?

MHO: "My nighttime routine changes with the weather or if the condition of my skin changes. These days I am double cleansing with our Thermal Cleansing Balm and Cleaning Foam. I find the combination removes all makeup and impurities while leaving skin feeling quite lush. There is something so indulgent about our Balm. I follow this with our Omoroessence then use our Daily Vitamin C, Illumeye C and Miracle Facial Oil and Rejuvenating Night Cream. A few times a week I will use our Refining Facial Polisher, exfoliator and our Silver Skin Savior Masks or UltraMoor Mud Mask to reset the skin."


Rejuvenating Night Cream



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BT: Do you think beauty tools or specific hand application help skin absorb more product?

MHO: "Yes, I do. I think in the case of tools, and hand applications they can either help exfoliate the skin – remove dead skin or help stimulate the skin – in the case of massage."

BT: If you had to pick three of your favourite skin-care products, which three would you choose?

MHO: "Oh don’t make me do this! For this weather, my sensitive dry skin, I would choose our Cleansing Foam, Daily Vitamin C and Rejuvenating Night Cream (which you can use in the day)."

BT: Can you tell us how we could recreate your famous facials at home?

MHO: "We launched Omorovicza in our Budapest Spa with all the products one needs to recreate our facial at home. Cashmere Cleanser, Refining Facial Polisher, Deep Cleansing Mud Mask, Queen of Hungary Mist, Rejuvenating Night Cream, Reviving Eye Cream."


The Refining Facial Polisher



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BT: How often should one use your mud mask?

MHO: "It really depends on your skins’ condition but I would use it a couple times each week."


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BT: Do you have any expert opinion or advice on adding acids OR vitamins A/C to skincare routines?

MHO: "As I get a bit older, I think acids and vitamins A and C are critical to an effective skincare routine. However, you can overdo it – so be careful! I currently combine a mild acid Essence (Omoroessence or Silver Skin Tonic) with either our Daily Vitamin C or Gold Night Drops (each containing C and A, respectively). Once a week, I will use one of the following our Silver Skin Saviour, Midnight Radiance Mask or Acid Fix as I find they are brilliant at creating smooth, lush skin."


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Beauty is a decision – I believe with discipline, anyone can exceed their own expectations in beauty.

Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza

BT: What products would you recommend for a first-time user of Omorovicza?

MHO: "The Cleansing Foam, Daily Vitamin C, Omoroessence, Deep Cleansing Mud Mask, Queen of Hungary Mist, Refining Facial Polisher, Rejuvenating Night Cream, Miracle Facial Oil. I could go on and on..."

BT: How do you practice sustainability with your brand?

MHO: "In everything we do from products to packaging to our ethos."

BT: Have you ever been to Ireland?

MHO: "I LOVE IRELAND. I was there once and talking to a journalist – I said, I love you guys, she replied that ‘everyone loves us’…I could not agree more."

BT: What does it mean to you to be in Brown Thomas Arnotts?

MHO: "So special. When Stephen and I started Omorovicza there are a handful of the world’s most special places which were meant so much their offering Omorovicza to their clients. Brown Thomas was at the top of the list. It is the type of store you grow up hearing about."

BT: What advice to men would you give to do a DIY facial at home or to build a daily grooming routine?

MHO: "Stephen has the following routine and swears by it… Soothing Shave, Cleansing (Cleansing Foam), Essence, Eye Cream (Reviving Eye Cream, either the Balancing Moisturiser or Elemental Emulsion."

BT: Can your products be used in pregnancy?

MHO: "Absolutely – I used them throughout my 4 pregnancies. In fact, our Firming Body Oil was developed for my first pregnancy. She was HUGE."

BT: How have you been spending lockdown?

MHO: "I have certainly been taking time to do things for myself – beyond skincare, I love lighting candles, creating things for the kitchen table as we are all there together much more as a family than ever before, and I have gotten very into house plants."

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The Ladies Paradise' by Emile Zola is a favourite read of Margaret.

BT: What book is currently on your nightstand?

MHO: "I always have a few books going at once – currently, am reading ‘The Book You Wish Your Parent’s Had Read’ by Philappa Perry as with 4 young children, I am sure I am doing it all wrong. I also love 'Magellan' by Stefan Zweig (one of my favourite writers) and 'The Ladies Paradise' by Emile Zola which is a wonderful story about the first department store."

BT: What podcasts are you listening to right now?

MHO: "I am slightly obsessed with podcasts at the minute. I'm listening to lots on American Politics plus Malcom Gladwell “Revisionist History’."

BT: Is there one product from your collection that is the ultimate beauty gift treat to give to a loved one?

MHO: "Our Queen of Hungary Mist is a wonderful beauty gift as the smell is exquisite – rose, orange blossom."


Queen Of Hungary Mist



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Judith and her Maidservant by 17th century female painter Artemisia, a favourite of Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza.

BT: Who inspires you?

MHO: "There are so many people who inspire me – I just saw an exhibition on the 17th century female painter Artemisia and found it so inspiring to learn more about how a women in that era took control of her life and crafted something spectacular with a lasting legacy."

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Budapest, Hungary is a city which has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status, and many visitors consider the city to be amongst the most beautiful cities in Europe.

BT: If visiting Budapest for 24 hours, where would you recommend we stay, eat, visit?

MHO: "The Brody House is such fun – half artist studio, half members club with charming hotel rooms. For a memorable treat, you can do no better than the Four Seasons Gresham Palace. One of my all time favourite hotels. Café Kor is a must as is Café Menza. Take a walk along the Danube and visit the fantastic museums at Hero’s Square. A walk up in the Var, or Fisherman’s Bastian is high on my list as well as is a visit (or two) to the thermal baths. Our new Institute is opening up in the Spring."



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