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Laurence Semichon, Senior Vice President of Fragrance and Beauty at Diptyque Paris takes us on a journey back in time to the whimsical and magical birthplace of this uniquely French brand. Discover her favourite scents of the season, and her considerations when gifting something as personal as a fragrance…

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Laurence Semichon, Senior Vice President of Fragrance and Beauty at Diptyque Paris.

The Diptyque Paris tale starts almost 60 years ago, on 34 Boulevard Saint Germain where three creatives and friends; Christiane Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet, came together from backgrounds in architecture, theatre and fine art to create a sensory wonderland.

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Diptyque’s first shop at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain.

On the subject of this fantastical shop, Laurence Semichon, Senior Vice President of Fragrance and Beauty at Diptyque Paris, lights up calling it a “chic bazaar”. She adds “they enchanted their visitors with a collection of surprising and unique items such as magical lanterns, precious toys, hand-printed fabrics and Diptyque’s very first scented candles Hawthorne, Tea and Cinnamon.” Describing what united the three men, Laurence notes the shared passion for “adventure, great civilizations and a sense of beauty. Their fragrances always distilled memories of loved or dreamed places, of moments lived, of shared travels.”


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Now a household name, no curated sitting-room corner, chic sink-side or IT bag would be complete without a scented candle or perfume from this French atelier. One thing that rings true to this day from its colourful founders and store is the creative and magical blends and the unmistakably sophisticated aromas of their near fifty strong signature scents.

Our three founders shared a unique creative process, that has been the Maison's distinctive signature ever since. Fragrances are created like works of art: olfactory landscapes, souvenirs and reminiscences and journeys of the spirit.

Laurence Semichon, Diptyque Paris

What better place to turn to then at the most magical time of the year to add some festive ambience to your home. When asked about what fragrances her imagination conjures up when thinking about Christmas, Laurence replies in true French form “gastronomy, of course!” also adding “I have always loved the moment when the Christmas tree arrives at home, how it’s delicate pine fragrance fills the air and is mingled with the ritual of dressing it with ornaments.” This classic choice of Christmas candle is a gift anyone would welcome, but if you are looking for more insider tricks then scroll down for Laurence’s tips for picking the best presents from Diptyque for your loved ones this year.


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1. Imagine when they will use it, what do you want to inspire your loved one to do? At every moment of the day, mood or occasion, there is an ideal scent. For example, Jasmine and Cinnamon for concentration, Lavender or Rose for a relaxing, Coriander and Mint will inspire in the kitchen, Wood Fire for a quiet evening in.

2. Follow the seasons, as we move into more wintery weather, I would advise more homely comforting scents like Feu de Bois and Patchouli.

3. Stick to the classics, for a failsafe scent to gift. Our most iconic scents are Baies, Feu de Bois, Figuier, Tubéreuse and Roses.

4. Link your choice with a memory, I like to offer gifts that are remnant of a moment we lived together, for example, Cypres can evoke summers spent in the South of France.

5. Rely on your nose, especially for a personal fragrance and choose what you think will suit the person best. I always find it great to receive fragrances I would have not thought of for myself. Sometimes your friends see facets of your personality that you are not aware of.

Keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your home this year with the scents of Diptyque.




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