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We catch up with football wonder kid, turned menswear designer and reality TV star Jake Hall on how it feels to head up an on the pulse brand, which A-lister he would like to dress next and what he’s planning on wearing this Christmas…

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Jake Hall, founder of Prévu.

How does one become one of the most talked-about designers in menswear? In a world of overexposure, it’s hard to stand out, especially when you are all about refined and understated hints of cool and a sense of balance. Dressing the Beckhams and Hadids have certainly helped but if this thirty-year-old Londoner had his way it would be Matthew McConaughey sporting his latest designs, adding “he’s cool, laid back and I think he’d look great.”

Famed for his skills on the pitch for Bromley, Dagenham and now Boston FC, Jake Hall entered the spotlight on “The Only Way Is Essex” and now enjoys over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram. So how did he join the ‘rag trade’ as he puts it? Jake begins “it started with investing in young brands at the early stages - this helped me to scope opportunities in the market and also to know when to make decisions to go against the grain and push boundaries in the industry.”

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Suede bomber jacket from Prévu's Autumn Winter collection.

Reflecting on social media and the fashion world, Jake admits “It’s competitive, very competitive. But I feel now more than ever it’s important that we use our platform, as a fashion brand, to make a conscious effort to do better in terms of sustainability. For example our ongoing Pré(cycle) story and our new warehouse which is the first zero carbon emissions warehouse in the UK. That aside, it’s also important we continue to relate to our customers as the brand grows and world changes, so we’re constantly creating content to connect us.”

For Jake, Prévu is all about “contemporary cuts, leisurewear and community. Community is a big one for us. Style is what you feel comfortable in and how you feel wearing outfits that you’re proud of and that reflects you. It’s not necessarily a particular look, I think style is more of a feeling or personality that comes with dressing well.”

Dress in a way that you feel comfortable and that reflects you. I don’t think it’s important to try hard to impress, and if you feel cool, you look cool without trying.

Jake Hall, founder of Prévu.

Now that the temperatures are dropping Jake tells us how his wardrobe is changing up for winter, “layers!” he continues “I like to use lightweight layers so a lot of cardigans, knitwear and an overcoat. Or hoods under bombers, with a pair of jeans and sneakers, is what you can expect from me in the winter.” And what about on Christmas Day? Jake answers “I’ll constantly be in my Prévu tracksuits and loungewear, at least I’ll be comfortable after eating too much Christmas dinner.” An elasticated waist is not a bad shout for the festive season!

Find our Prévu offering online and in Brown Thomas Dublin when we look forward to welcoming you back in store this December.




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