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Meet Nell Mescal, the 17 year old singer songwriter and creator of the song Missing You which is the soundtrack to our specially produced Christmas Window film this year. Nell is part of the talented Mescal family, sister of Normal People’s Paul Mescal who shot to fame this summer for his role as Connell.

Nell says of the song, “I wrote Missing You two years ago and I was really excited it was picked for the film because I knew it was a special one, it was originally written to talk about missing people that you aren’t close to anymore, due to changes in life, but now it’s kind of fitting because of lockdown with everyone missing loved ones.”

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Nell Mescal the 17 year old singer from Maynooth and writer of the song Missing You which is the soundtrack to the Brown Thomas Christmas Window film 2020.


When asked about her musical influences Nell says, "Music means everything to me as it helps me understand how I'm feeling and what's going on around me so it's really important. I terms of influences I love artists like English folk singer Birdy and FINNEAS, American singer-songwriter and brother of Billie Eilish, I love what they do and I think they are amazing! Nell is no stranger to having a famous sibling she says, "It doesn't feel any different than it was before [speaking of Paul's recent rise to fame] but we are extremely proud and so excited for him. She continued, "we come from a supportive family where both our parents are very creative and artistic, which has meant we have been encouraged to do anything that we put their minds to." With Christmas just around the corner, her one wish, very much like her song, is to spend some time with her family!

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The Brown Thomas Christmas windows 2020 were inspired by dreams and fairytales, Nell's song Missing You sums up what we are all dreaming of right now, seeing our loved ones for Christmas.

I think anyone who has visited Dublin at Christmas will remember the lights on Grafton street and the Brown Thomas windows being amazing. They are really special at Christmas and I love seeing them every year!

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