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After a few hours of tossing and turning, we all want to know one thing – what can we do when the mercury rises and it’s too hot to sleep? Luckily, we’ve found some clever summer bedroom tricks to give you a cooling night’s rest.

All year long, most of us dream of basking in hot weather but when the temperature becomes overwhelmingly warm, it can play havoc with our sleep.

With the optimum temperature for drifting off - and staying asleep - being between 16 and 21 degrees, sleeping in a heatwave can be a challenge if you’re not properly equipped. While sophisticated air-con systems are the ideal solution, the fact we only get a few weeks of good weather in Ireland a year makes them an unnecessary expense. But thankfully, that doesn’t mean you have to continue lying in discomfort. With a few clever bedroom swaps, you can create the cooling sanctuary of your dreams.

Scroll ahead for your foolproof guide to how to sleep in the heat.


Of all the fabrics to sleep on, cotton is by far the best choice. As a natural material, cotton is a breathable fabric. At night, your body temperature changes as you fall asleep and can result in waking up hot, sticky and desperate from some cool air. Brilliantly, cotton will absorb the heat from your body throughout the night, allowing you to stay cool and dry. As well as keeping you cool in the summer, cotton bedding will keep you warm in the winter by absorbing and retaining your body heat making cotton bedding a wise investment.

HOW TO REST: Try this coordinated bedding set from Tekla. Its sky blue colour comes with mood-boosting properties and it’s made using 100% certified organic cotton meaning it was grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals which is better for the farmers, soil, waterways and the planet overall.

By 2025 all cotton used across Brown Thomas and in the products we sell will come from recycled sources or from certified sustainable sources.

HOW TO DRESS: When it comes to what you wear to bed, there are two rules: keep it cotton and keep it loose. This Jungle Print Bow Night Dress from Moon + Mellow was designed with heatwaves in mind. Its flowing silhouette was built for keeping you cool and comfortable whilst its organic cotton material ensures a restful night’s slumber.


When a heatwave hits, you may find yourself showering more regularly. Well, the same rule should apply to the frequency of how often you wash your sheets and nightwear. You spend hours in bed every night, and your sheets collect an increased number of dirt and germs in the warmer months. As for nightwear, the rise in temperature means a rise in sweat. The general rule should be to wash your nightwear after every 3-4 wears and to wash your bed sheets every week.

If you’re currently washing at high temperatures, try turning your washing machine down to 30°C and turning your wash cycle to a 60-minute quick wash and see if you notice a difference. You’ll probably find your clothes come out just as clean, but with a substantially smaller energy expense. And when it comes to drying, avoid the dryer. Instead, take advantage of those rare sunny days to air dry your bedding.

HOW TO REST: Washing bed sheets is no easy task but thanks to bedding brand, Lazy Linen, the job is a little less troublesome. Each of their coordinated bedding sets are made from 100% washed linen and are machine washable at 40°. Better yet, they can also be tumble dried on a low setting.


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HOW TO DRESS:This pinstripe linen pyjama set from Deiji Studios has been designed with comfort in mind, combining a boxy top with wide, three-quarter sleeves and elasticated boxer shorts for a fluid fit. Its cooling linen composition is also fully machine washable making them a great pair to have on rotation.


While colour and pattern bring fun and excitement to a bedroom, they can also be the cause for all those restless nights. Give your bedding a breezy makeover by opting for a cooling colour palette of white. White sheets help brighten up a room and create a clean crisp vibe. What’s more, the colour white is more resistant to sun absorption compared to darker shades meaning there’s no danger of overheating at night.

HOW TO REST: Made for comfort and convenience, this 200 thread count cotton sheet set from Karla Bree is the answer to a great night’s sleep - no matter the temperature outside. Its crisp white colour will keep you cool whilst also giving your bedroom a 5-star hotel makeover.

HOW TO DRESS: White doesn’t only keep your bed cool, it works for the body too. That’s why these Party Feather Trim Pyjamas from Sleeper are an excellent choice. Spun from super soft fabric, the shirt is menswear-inspired and can be worn on its own as a nightshirt on extra warm nights. Or for cooler evenings, the trousers are fitted with an elasticated waistband to keep you comfortable and the feathers at the hem are detachable.


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