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As Maria Tash prepares to open, exclusively on Level 2 of our Dublin store, we discover how the stars aligned, allowing her to rise to ear-accessory stardom.

Did you know that Maria Tash was destined to be an astronomer? “I graduated from Barnard College at Columbia University with an undergraduate degree in Astronomy. It’s amazing how much of what I learned has informed me as a designer - I use those science skills in design, by caring about nuanced details in my pieces. The hardness and curvature of the parts of my earrings that go through the ear, the quality of the alloy of gold and nickel free options, and the precision of laser drilling and notching of my diamonds. An attention to angle and the trajectory of the needle in my piercing style can also be attributed to my science background. Of course, one could just say I like sparkly things, like astronomy, and that's true too.” It’s not the furthest of jumps career-wise when you think about it. Maria’s pieces are like tiny stars, little gems of heaven, carefully made over time. Her jewellery is instantly recognisable, Insta-worthy and arguably some of the coolest ear-candy to covet right now.

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Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet.

She has officially been in the piercing game since the 1990s when she worked as a professional ear-piercer and began studying jewellery design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. How have tastes in earrings and hardware changed since she started? “Perceptions have changed so much. When I was piercing in the 1990s, body jewellery was primarily thick and steel, and only appealed to a small segment of people and had more of a shock effect. Now, jewellery is so much more refined, sturdy, elaborate, thin, and delicate. It still has an edgy effect, especially if it is put in an unusual area of the ear, but is so much more beautiful and appeals to all age groups and genders.”

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A unisex look on Lewis Hamilton.

A scroll through her Instagram feed is the best advertisement for her designs. People of all age groups and styles wear her earrings in their own way – some delicate and formal, others grungy and tough. All anyone wants today is to feel individual, and Maria’s pieces provide that opportunity. “The pieces can stand alone, but they really shine when a selection is curated by the wearer. When a client chooses a unique combination of multiple pieces of jewellery their personality comes out. These pieces are made to mix and match.”

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Delicate ear composition on Chloë Grace Moretz

With her exclusive launch in our Dublin store this autumn, does she have aspirations to finally visit herself? “I can't wait to go! Dublin has a wonderful global reputation. My team has worked on pop-ups within Brown Thomas before and they’ve always had a great time and met wonderful people there. We are genuinely honoured to make that location our home.” We have a feeling she’s going to be welcomed into the jewellery boxes of Irish customers with open arms, and ears!

Maria Tash will exclusively launch on Level 2 of our Dublin store in late September.