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The French designer reflects on his journey, that Galaxy dress and looks to where the future of his fashion empire lies…

For anyone who has worn a Roland Mouret design, the experience is memorable. Although the 56-year old arrived on the fashion scene later in life, the allure and wearability of his clothing quickly propelled him to lofty status as one of the world’s most sought after designers. There is something in the cut and fold of a Roland Mouret dress that makes a woman feel all powerful. And that’s no accident, he reassures us.

My clothes are tools to enhance the female form and my job is to elevate a woman’s confidence. She brings the pieces to life, and there is nothing I love to see more than that.

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Roland Mouret's Autumn Winter 2018 Collection

Roland is in a special place in his life. He's experienced the highs and lows that inevitably come with working in the fashion industry for 21 years, and yet has stayed true to himself. How? “I have reached that exact point in my life where I am doing what I feel passionate about, rather than what is expected of me. It’s been quite a journey!” One important moment in that journey was the launch of the Galaxy dress in 2005. That one piece of Mouret magic became the hottest piece to wear then and continues to be the label’s mainstay. What was it about that dress that changed fashion? “The Galaxy dress is a dress for all women, which is how it should be. What was special about the dress was that women brought their own bodies, their own personality to the dress. It’s never about a type of body; it’s about the confidence to know anyone can look amazing.”

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Roland Mouret's Autumn Winter 2018 Collection

Of his Irish customer, Roland says, “She is elegant, modern and avant-garde, and she’s becoming a key player in the international market. I love how she plays with fashion, isn’t afraid to stand out and never compromises on her personal style.”

Away from the excitement and buzz of London where he works in his studio Monday to Friday, Mouret favours a quiet life. “Being at home in Suffolk with my husband James, taking our dog, Dave, for a long walk and pottering around in my garden – that is what brings me peace and contentment. My cottage is the place where I relax and recharge my batteries.”

Looking to the future, the designer is thinking about sustainability and longevity. “I’m becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability in the industry. I believe that if you make sustainability sexy, every woman will buy it.” His Autumn Winter 2018 collection was inspired by Irvin Kershner’s 1970s film The Eyes of Laura Mars and translates as a mature, feminine offering that will delight his customers. It is pure Mouret – deeply thought out, impeccably cut and oozing simplistic style, made to honour the female form. “It’s true that fashion is supposedly all about change, yet I prefer to evolve,” he concludes, and that is surely the secret to his success; his excitement to grow with his customers is what keeps Mouret’s magic alive.

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The Duchess of Sussex in Roland Mouret on the night before her wedding.

Roland Mouret is available online and in our Dublin and Cork stores.

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