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As self-made beauty billionaire Anastasia Soare launches her new Anastasia Beverly Hills Boutique in in our Dublin store, we talk business secrets, creating the perfect palette and the transformative power of beauty.

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Here's an insight into the sheer prowess and enterprise of one Anastasia Soare: She arrived from Romania to Los Angeles in the early 1990s, with little English, and within 7 years had managed to become the only woman allowed to groom the eyebrows of Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian. Now, as CEO of makeup empire Anastasia Beverley Hills, she has become the world’s first self-made beauty billionaire, and she’s just getting started.

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The secret to her staggering success? "I have always put my clients first," Anastasia shares, "People remember how you treat them, the quality of what you’ve recommended and created." It’s a recipe that has awarded her the loyalty of some of the most beautiful and famous women (and men) in the world including Oprah Winfrey, Victoria Beckham and Amal Clooney alongside hundreds of thousands of devout customers. This month Anastasia Beverley Hills releases a slew of new products, including the Riviera eye-shadow palette, loose highlighter powders and their first new brow product in three years. Quite the wait for her eager beauty followers, but for Anastasia, perfection in every product is key, “I create a product when I see a need for it. Maybe a client has fine eyebrow hair, so I think about creating something like our new Dipbrow Gel which gives colour and fullness without the appearance of a product being too heavy and obvious. We make sure to never launch anything that we’re not completely in love with ourselves. If we wouldn’t use it daily or recommend it to our closets of friends, it doesn’t’ roll out.”

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It’s easy to love Anastasia and her brand ethos. This is a woman who considers cruelty-free beauty to be a necessity, not a "pleasant surprise", credits her team and customers for her success and admits she still gets star struck from time to time. When it comes to that unique connection she shares with her customers, the way in which Anastasia and her team have used social media to foster and generate a global network of beauty fans through Instagram is a lesson in how to utilise the platform for business.

It’s amazing how good a close-knit community of 19 million people can feel, but it does! We love showcasing and encouraging new talent. Every time we repost someone’s work, it’s like we’re cheering them on, and I think our fans recognise this genuine connection.

Anatasia Soare

Anastasia agrees there isn't much leisure time in her life. But, for her, that really doesn’t matter. Her inspiration and purpose are crystal clear when it comes to what she is building, "I see the way makeup has the power to truly affect someone’s life. When we launch products and our customers essentially invite us into their homes, their routines and the way they choose to present themselves to the world, that's a very intimate experience. I’m so proud that Anastasia Beverley Hills is a part of the lives of so many people."

Discover the complete collection at the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Boutique in our Dublin store or shop online now.